The 2023 PMM Awards

The 2023 PMM Awards

The PMM Awards have returned for 2023 and it’s time to applaud the exceptional articles that earned the spotlight this year! Read on to find out who has won!

Every month, the PMM team works tirelessly to do our best to produce a magazine that is informative, instructive and entertaining for our readers. It is important to us that you remain as engaged as ever, whether that’s through our social media channels, our digital newsletter, tuning in to the podcast or even reaching out to us on the telephone or dropping us an email. We love hearing what you think about the magazine – what you liked and what you think we could improve.

Over the past year we have featured some fantastic articles, contributed from a huge range of excellent sources. Every year, we round up the best ones and present the winners with that year’s PMM Award. As you can imagine, it’s no easy task! This year, we had a real struggle going through the articles we felt made the most impact and gained the most responses from our readers. We weighed up the most popular articles on the e-newsletter each week, the most requested rdr links, the most popular articles on our website and across our social media platforms – in short, compiling this list now encompasses a wider range of media than ever before. Because of this, we are confident it represents every aspect of the automotive aftermarket.

We would like to thank our readers who remain loyal and we hope you agree that this year’s PMM Awards represents the best selection of articles we’ve published yet. We would also like to thank the many companies who supported us both editorially and commercially over the past year. Your support is what enables us to put together the best magazine we can each month, something our readers will no doubt thank you for as well. For now, let’s celebrate what makes this industry fantastic and raise a glass to the winners! Here, news and products editor Freya Coleman takes you through the past year.

The 2023 PMM Awards


As good as new

Kicking off this year’s awards is ACtronics with an article in which Thjs Jasink, the company’s COO, explains what goes into every remanufactured part. From diagnosing and removing the part, made harder by the complexities of modern vehicles, all the way through to the final inspection where the part has to pass an automated script and a visual quality control. The article also touches on how car manufacturers are increasingly encrypting components which makes it more difficult to replace them and why this might be an argument in favour of remanufacturing. With sustainability being a hot topic both in and out of the industry this year, it’s no wonder this article has made the list.

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The 2023 PMM Awards

Ben Johnson

Troubleshooting issues

Those of you who diligently read through the magazine every month (and I’m sure that’s a lot of you!) will have observed that in every one of our 11 issues a year we run a feature called troubleshooter where a diagnostics expert gets to the bottom of a vehicle issue. One of the most popular of these articles in 2023 was written by Ben Johnson for the July/August issue.

Inside, follow along as he goes from watching a BMW X5 get dragged into his workshop on dollies after the appearance of multiple warning lights, to the diagnosis of a failed BDC and a change of battery that brought that car back to some semblance of normality.

With many common issues in cars being covered in our troubleshooter feature, including Ben and his work on BMWs, it’s clear to see the value of this feature and why it continues to be amongst the most popular with our online audience. After all, sharing diagnostics solutions IS caring.

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The 2023 PMM Awards


Making ‘ESI’ work of diagnostics

If you’ve been reading PMM for a while you might remember when we first ran an in-depth guide to Bosch’s KTS diagnostics software, ESI[tronic] 2.0. With how fast technology is moving these days, we thought it would be a good idea to revisit the guide with Bosch and find out what has changed. The first instalment, which kicked off in the September issue, was all about finding the right vehicle which is key to accessing all the tabs you need to get your job done. Catch up on the ongoing series in each month’s issue.

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The 2023 PMM Awards


‘Braking’ point

As you might expect, the PMM team is privy to a lot of rumours on the aftermarket grapevine during our travels, especially surrounding how the industry might change with the shift to EVs. One of these rumours was that EVs need to use brakes less than ICE vehicles. So, we turned to brake manufacturer Brembo which was there to set the record straight.

The company explains that even though EV brakes are used less due to the regenerative braking system, leaving braking actions up to the electric motor itself, this actually leaves them open to added corrosion. Other challenges outlined in the article mean that the brakes of electric vehicles need to meet the following requirements: corrosion resistent, silent operation, lightweight design and reduced residual torque. To combat these requirements, the Italian brake manufacturer has released the Brembo Beyond product line, the company’s replacement range tailored to improve EV driving.

With the future certainly looking to be electric, whether this is by 2035 or not, it’s great to see companies gearing up to help workshops in this somewhat turbulent transition.

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The 2023 PMM Awards


‘Oil’ about EVs Another example of a company looking to the future, and more importantly looking at the sector’s electric future, is this next article from Castrol. Now, you might be thinking that as the UK shifts over to electric, with some predicting that 80 per cent of passenger cars on our roads could be EVs by 2050, oil might be left behind with ICE vehicles, but this isn’t the case. In fact, Castrol has been working closely with car makers and motorsport teams to develop its latest range of EV fluids.

The range currently consists of Castrol ON EV transmission fluids, thermal fluids, and greases. The ON EV transmission fluid’s D1 and D2 variants suit a wide range of EVs, aiming to help extend the life of the drivetrain system and enabling EVs to go further on a single charge. This reflects the company’s aims to be a net zero brand by 2050 or sooner – an ambitious goal if ever there was one for an oils company.

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The 2023 PMM Awards


Online traction

When articles are published on the PMM website, links are posted on our Facebook page which makes it a great place to stay on-top of the latest in the industry. It’s also a great place for Facebook members and/or PMM readers to discuss the content of the article. This definitely happened with this next article from Dayco which discusses some of the wider issues of the timing belt replacement on Ford’s 1.0 litre EcoBoost “Fox” engines. Commenters on our Facebook discussed their shared experiences and frustrations with issues faced in replacing the belt on Ford engines, proving the need for our online guides!

It’s great when our readers get involved online and we love to hear from you, and this is a great example of technicians engaging in the content we produce, hence why this article from Dayco has made the list of winners this year. Also, belt in oil Ford engine articles are very popular amongst our readers on the website, so we are grateful for Dayco for providing them!

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The 2023 PMM Awards


One step at a time

Keen PMM readers will have noticed that halfway through the year our ‘Tech Tips’ feature transformed into the ‘CPD Zone’, standing for ‘continuing professional development’. This is because the magazine is now CPD accredited! One of the most popular CPD articles was from the June issue and written by Delphi who supplied a step-by-step EGR valve replacement guide courtesy of its Masters of Motion hub for independent garage technicians. Part of its success was down to the helpful images that accompanied the in-depth instructions.

So, next time you’re reading through the feature, make sure to scan the QR code at the end of the last article which will provide you with a downloadable certificate which can be used as part of your ongoing CPD record. With Delphi contributing regularly to the CPD zone this year, and the buzz it created amongst our readers, it’s clear to see why this technical article made the podium.

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Building the suspense…

Also part of our CPD Zone was this next article from febi, providing PMM readers with a guide on some common issues with the suspension system on the Ford Focus, a popular car amongst drivers but also one of the most popular vehicle models visiting workshops for repair work. So, it is well worth knowing the ins and outs of and it’s clear to see why this article was so popular amongst our online readers! Upon completing the article, readers will learn helpful tips such as how when the anti-roll bar links are worn, they can produce a rattling noise symptom while being driven on bumpy roads AND how to fix this.

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Liqui Moly

Read ‘oil’ about it

In this next article from Liqui Moly, head of application technology Harry Hartkorn explains how the standard oil change service provided by garages could actually be turned into a lucrative transaction. One example of how this can be done is through grouping services into packages, tailoring them to the vehicle and the budget of the customer. The example used here is the grouping together of cleaning the oil circuit, the actual oil change and extra wear protection. If this helpful advice wasn’t enough, the article then goes on to suggest the best Liqui Moly products to use with each of these steps, such as how the oil circuit can be cleaned with the Pro-Line Engine Flush.

At PMM, we often see a trend of very skilled technicians under selling themselves or missing out on business opportunities, so it’s great to be able to spread news of upselling opportunities from brands such as Liqui Moly. Furthermore, with the cost-of-living crisis still rearing its ugly head, tips on making more money in the workshop, whilst still helping your customer, are more useful than ever.

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Lucas Oil

Take a pit stop

I don’t know about you, but with how hectic life can be I think it’s nice to take a breather every now and again which is the goal of our Pit Stop feature which sits each month sandwiched between articles on tech tips or business guidance. This page from the magazine which usually features a quiz and a joke or two written by yours truly, was given a makeover this year thanks to our next winner: Lucas Oil.

This revamp included a snippet of what life on the racetrack is like from Lucas Oil-sponsored driver Tony Lynch. Over this set of six articles, a real insight into the world of rallycross driving was revealed to us such as what happens when a broken fuel pipe occurs halfway through a heat or how to bounce back for a race on a Sunday when you went into a roll at 3pm on a Saturday. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s some pretty thrilling stuff there and it’s so interesting to get an insight into the work behind the races.

Not surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of overlap between technicians and those interested in competitive driving, so it’s no wonder these set of articles have made the list of winners this year.

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Modern oils for classic cars

Due to the popularity of Motul’s classic car article we ran back in 2022, we thought it would be a great idea to introduce a whole new classic car feature to the magazine. Sitting proud in this new feature is this next award winner Motul, sharing its insight on the classic car market. With this lubricant company being more than 150 years old, who better to shine a light on the increasing opportunities in the classic car market?

This article covers lubricants you can use on pre-war cars, all the way through to so called “youngtimers” which encompasses cars from the ‘80s, ‘90s and even the noughties and reflects the growth within the classic car market. Furthermore, with the UK car parc increasing in age and people holding onto the cars longer, we might see even more vehicles going from ‘banger’ to ‘classic’ territory.

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South East Coast Ambulance Service

Vehicle repair on the front line

Prompted by a discussion at our Mechanex trade show last year with Ross Crook and John Giles, area workshop managers for the NHS’ Southeast Coast Ambulance Service, PMM’s editor Kieran Nee went to visit the service’s Make Ready Centre in Banstead. Now, you might imagine that your workshop has little in common with these centres that keep the NHS’ fleet up and running but Kieran expressed how it was interesting to find out that many of the pressures and challenges faced by the independent sector are also affecting the NHS. For example, does struggling to retain staff and failing to find parts sound familiar to you? Did I mention yet that we have a podcast? You can listen to the interview in full in the episode aptly titled ‘NHS Visit’.

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One in a million

Earlier this year, Schaeffler announced it had crowned its first Bonus Point Millionaire which came following a promotion run in the PMM magazine to celebrate its 10- year anniversary. The winner, chosen from a random draw taken from the workshops who had purchased Schaeffler products between February and April, was revealed to be Markhams Garage which has an impressive 100 years of history. In this next article, therefore, PMM finds out all about the garage’s rich history including my personal favourite – the introduction of the MOT test in 1960. The test was originally only obligatory for vehicles over 10 years old and only covered a basic check on brakes, lights and steering. How times have changed!

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The tools for success

When tools are rusted, dulled or are missing parts, completing the jobs you need to as a technician are made harder, longer and more dangerous. Therefore, to extend the lifespan of the tools you have invested in it is imperative to properly take care of them. In this next article, tool specialist Sealey gives its advice on maintaining and looking after the tools in your workshop. This includes buying proper storage for your tools and investing in rust removers and aerosols that help with corrosion protection. Making these investments can help save you money in the long run, which I’m sure is what all technicians want. Moreover, in a time of sustainability, it’s much better to invest and look after what your garage has, than to keep buying new tools.

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An MOT makeover

The MOT has become a hotter topic than ever over the past year, with the government proposing a first test at four years and Garage Hive’s Alex Lindley revealing that there has been a 3.3 per cent FALL in MOT testers but 13.5 per cent RISE in MOT demand at The Blend. Therefore, the pressure on our MOT feature has been greater than ever but Straightset certainly delivered with its article from the April issue which provides readers with some advice on installing or upgrading their MOT equipment.

This includes choosing the right equipment such as an MOT lift, a jacking beam, a connected and approved brake tester, a headlight tester, an emissions analyser and an MOT accessory pack. Tips such as making sure your chosen emissions analyser is Euro 6 compliant and has MTS connectivity and the advantages of a combined gas and smoke analyser are packed inside this winning article, making sure your garage is carrying out MOT tests efficiently and safely.

Want to know even more about the state of MOTs in the UK and hear from other garages what they think? Make sure to listen to the ‘MOT Madness’ episode of the PMM Podcast.

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Women in the workshop

Rounding off this year’s PMM Awards 2023 is the lovely woman behind Womanic: Louise Baker, an interview where we try to get to the bottom of why more women aren’t picking up a spanner and getting their hands dirty. This was originally conducted for the podcast which you can listen to now, but it was too good not to include some highlights in the magazine as well. My personal favourite surrounding her advice to anyone wanting to pursue a career in a workshop:

“My advice is to just do it. Don’t think about it, just do it. Don’t procrastinate, if you want to do it and you love it, and you enjoy it, no matter what it is, whether it’s cars, whether it’s anything, if you’ve got an interest in it, just do it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do it.”

And what a great message to end this year’s awards on!

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To conclude…

So, that’s it for the PMM Awards this year and I’m sure you’ll agree that this year’s list reflects the hard work both the team and our contributors put into the online and paper magazine.

If you want to see your favourite article on the 2024 list of winners, please reach out to Freya at at any point throughout the year to tell us all about what your favourite article has been. Are you a fan of our technical articles, or do you prefer skipping to the back of the issue to read all about what new products are out? Either way, we’d love to hear from you. But remember, only the best articles can make the cut, so make sure your contribution counts!

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