Taking on TPMS

Taking on TPMS

Can garages really afford to refer TPMS work to tyre specialists? Mobiletron investigates a revenue opportunity that many garages are missing out on. 

As of January 2015, any vehicle displaying a TPMS fault when submitted for its MOT results in a test failure. Garages, tyre service centres, factors and retailers must now prepare for the fact that a growing number of vehicles with direct TPMS will require their sensors servicing or replacing.

This legislation means that the first wave of three year old cars are now seeing failed MOT tests because of faulty TPMS sensors. The DVSA recently revealed that 3.21 million vehicles with TPMS are due their first MOT this year. A recent study has also found that in 2017, over 23,000 vehicles failed their MOT due to TPMS faults.

One of the most common TPMS sensor faults was due to battery failure. Each Mobiletron TPMS sensor is fitted with a battery which is designed to last five years, although some OE sensors have been known to fail after just three. Another common cause for failures is the corroding of TPMS sensor stems, as they are open to the elements and take on a lot of dirt and debris from the road.

One of the major reasons why independent garages fail to take full advantage of the massive TPMS opportunities, is because of a general lack of confidence or experience when it comes to fitting or maintaining TPMS sensors. However, with the right tools and replacement parts, technicians need very little specialist training to learn how to fit TPMS sensors. Mobiletron’s range of Direct Fit and Universal MORE sensors can be used as a direct replacement for an OE sensor and they follow the same fitting process.

Garages who avoid work involving TPMS and refer customers to a dealership or tyre specialists should recognise the revenue that they are missing out on. Mobiletron hope that workshops are realising the revenue opportunities associated with this additional specialised service.

Mobiletron is committed to working continuously to simplify and streamline the way TPMS sensors are dealt with by garages, to make the entire process as affordable and hassle-free as possible.

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