Tackling Emissions Head-On
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Tackling Emissions Head-On

According to a recent report, tens of thousands of drivers are breaking the law by driving diesel cars without DPFs – something that the new MOT updates are trying to address. With alarming statistics linking diesel particulate matter to 38,000 premature deaths each year, Randstad, the UK’s exclusive distributor of TerraClean, urges technicians and motorists that DPF revival, not removal, could mean the difference between life and death.

ADPF’s role is to reduce emissions and prevent harmful particles of soot from entering the atmosphere by trapping the exhaust stream particulate matter by the process of filtration in diesel engines. Whilst many question the whole regeneration process, it is an important part of protecting the atmosphere from certain harmful particle matter (PM2.5) from within the exhaust stream.

The DVSA claims 1,800 cars have been caught without a DPF, although experts believe the number to be much higher. The good news is that, according to the Department for Transport (DfT), the MOT changes are designed to make it easier for testers to detect vehicles with failing or removed DPFs. The smoke test limit for Euro 6 and some Euro 5 diesels has also been reduced.

The TerraClean solution

The solutions available from TerraClean in the efficient removal of carbon deposits and DPF cleaning is a clear opportunity for motorists, businesses, and government to act now and improve air quality for the UK public.

Through its UK service centre network, the business has built up a strong reputation as a specialist in the decarbonising of diesel engines and the cleaning and restoration of DPFs.

Randstad has predicted more garage partnerships as a result of the recent MOT test changes, specifically surrounding DPFs and emissions. Phillip Dowd, Sales Director, explains: “The testing of DPFs is going to become more prominent and we are already seeing more independent garages calling on the TerraClean service centre network to assist with DPF-related problems.”

DPF cleaning

TerraClean’s DPF cleaning tool is able to thoroughly remove carbon deposits from the DPF whilst on the vehicle. TerraClean also offers an enhanced DPF cleaning service to its network, which includes testing, cleaning and return of the product, offering the additional benefit of removing stubborn ash from the DPF.

Providing a 72-hour turnaround, the experienced TerraClean experts collect the DPF, before performing a flow test to read the pressures and assess its condition. The DPF is

then carefully cleaned to remove all traces of ash – a process that has often been deemed impossible due to the problematic nature of cleaning the DPF while on the vehicle. Another flow test is carried out to ensure the pressure readings have improved, before the filter is packaged and returned to the customer.

Cleaning the DPF is a professional process carried out by trained TerraClean technicians. The tool works by running the specifically formulated fluid – TerraDiesel EGR and Induction System Cleaner – through the system.


TerraClean recently held a series of one-day training courses about the growing opportunities offered by DPFs. The sessions are aimed at supporting TerraClean Service Centres on the effective diagnosis of DPF/EGR-related problems and how to solve them using the range of bespoke TerraClean products available.

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