Sustainable brake solutions

Sustainable brake solutions

PMM talks to braking specialists Brembo about how the integrated OE expertise in its new Beyond Greenance discs and pads offers extra value for your customers.

As a leading company in the development and production of high-performance braking systems, Italian manufacturer Brembo has gained a reputation for placing great emphasis on the anticipation of future needs. Officially presented during the last Automechanika trade fair in Frankfurt and recently awarded the ‘Top Innovator’ award in the ‘Green’ category by the European supplier group CLEPA, the company’s ‘Greenance Kit’ is a case in point. A fusion of the words ‘Green’ and ‘Performance’, the aftermarket replacement kit aims to combine top braking performance with a lower environmental impact, while at the same time increasing disc life.

Derived from Brembo’s technological know-how in the original equipment market as well as its continuous research and development, the Greenance Kit is designed to meet the particular demands of the aftermarket for light commercial vehicles and fleet cars.

Sustainable brake solutions

The Brembo Greenance Kit, moreover, ensures a low environmental impact, delivering a significant reduction in particulate emissions: 83 per cent in PM10 and 80 per cent in PM2.5. These results have been achieved under the ECE-R90 homologation tests, as well as during the most severe benchmark road tests, which are conducted by the company’s technicians according to Brembo’s stringent requirements.

This pioneering solution also guarantees extended mileage and a significant improvement in terms of the total cost of vehicle ownership, amounting to an average reduction of 15 per cent. It ensures an increased durability of the brake discs, tripling their expected lifetime in the process. This leads to relevant cost savings over the life of the vehicle that are a top priority for longdistance professionals and drivers of light commercial vehicles and fleets.

“Innovative and revolutionary, the Greenance Kit embraces some of the most relevant cornerstones of Brembo’s DNA”, according to the company. “We have a constant commitment to sustainability which is associated with top performance and a willingness to take on and anticipate the upcoming and most challenging opportunities and megatrends of the automotive industry, meaning that we are actively contributing to a better and more sustainable future mobility”.

Sustainable brake solutions

“We are always working to improve our production processes and to introduce new and better solutions that are more innovative and attentive towards the planet and the environment. The Greenance Kit makes a further contribution in this direction and to our mission of being a solution provider”, Brembo concludes.

The Greenance Kit features a jointly developed range of new, combined alloy discs and newly engineered brake pads, and is part of the latest Brembo Beyond product line, the company’s solution line, which is tailored to bring sustainable replacement parts for all new mobility vehicles. Brembo’s Greenance Kit is now available on the market for the most popular (European) light commercial vehicle models, such as the Citroën Jumper, Fiat Ducato and Talento, Ford Transit, Iveco Daily, Mercedes Vito and Sprinter, Nissan NV 300 and 400, Opel Movano and Vivaro, Peugeot Expert, Renault Master and Traffic, as well as the VW Crafter and Transporter.


Environmental sustainability has always been a chief focus for Brembo in the development of its products. More recently, the company introduced its new vision of becoming a solution provider. Brembo’s new guiding principle is that every new company product must be more environmentally friendly than those released previously.

One of the first examples of this promise was the Beyond EV Kit. Designed specifically for the electric vehicle, the kit consists of longer-lasting coated discs and innovative brake pads that are quieter and more resistant to oxidation and corrosion. These advantages all contribute to the reduction of a vehicle’s environmental footprint. Indeed, these developments have already received acknowledgement after winning in the category “mechanical components” at 2022’s Madrid Motortec.

Another example of Brembo’s commitment to ever-increasing product sustainability is the ENESYS ENERGY SAVING SYSTEM. The solution is based on a patented spring design that guarantees a much faster return of the brake pads to their initial position once the brake pedal is released. This avoids undesired and unnecessary friction between the pads and the brake discs.

Besides a reduction of residual drag, this tiny but advanced and innovative technology results in a significant cut in CO2 emissions and energy waste, without compromising the high performance standards. Particularly compatible with Brembo’s LCV sliding calipers, as well as the Greenance Kit, the aftermarket solution limits brake pad and disc wear, by decreasing the brake dust generated by residual friction. This leads to increased durability and greater resistance, allowing for optimisation of the products’ maintenance needs and costs.

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