Straightset gives tips on reinventing MOT bays

Straightset gives tips on reinventing MOT bays

Garage equipment experts Straightset gives its tips on how to reinvent your MOT bay and what you need to consider.

Are you considering installing a new MOT bay into an existing facility or looking to install a bay into a building that has never been a workshop? Do you own or operate a workshop with a Class IV or VII MOT bay? How do you replace equipment, upgrade or renew equipment? Are you considering an expansion in capacity?

The decision to invest in an MOT bay or upgrade an old MOT bay is just the start, actually seeing plans through to reality; with the right equipment, in the right place, within budget and time frames, is a bit more complicated. That’s where the expertise of a specialist garage equipment company can really help.

MOT bays provide many advantages to a garage, it provides repeat visits every year and opportunities for additional work. Particularly with the switch to hybrid and electric vehicles, this leaves garage owners finding themselves in a position where less work on engines is required and needing to replace this revenue with something else, such as MOT or wheel alignment services. The impact of battery electric vehicles (BEV) on the MOT requirements has not changed, therefore there is a real opportunity for garages to invest in the MOT bay.

Straightset gives tips on reinventing MOT bays

Making the right decisions

The starting point for any MOT Bay, is looking at the space which is available; can a MOT Bay fit into the space? If you’re upgrading could the space be re-designed to maximise the opportunity better? A specialist garage equipment company, such as Straightset, aims to offer honest, knowledgeable advice. From on-site surveys, or supplied architect drawings, it has the expertise to often create solutions other suppliers miss.

Utilising its 35 years of experience and CAD drawing department the team can identify if an MOT bay is possible, saving customers potential wasted time on applications through the DVSA which don’t meet requirements. With a respected in-house design team, the company fully conversant with all relevant legislation, connectivity requirements, as well as the many health and safety issues which need to be considered, to provide a CAD drawing to accompany applications which more likely than not comply first time.

Unlike other garage equipment suppliers, Straightset claims to be interested in providing the full solution. Taking time to understand the purpose of the building, the range of vehicles to be serviced in the bay, helps identify the right equipment to meet the requirements. With a broad spectrum of products and manufacturers, it is able to advise on the right equipment to fit the space available. This could include incorporating suitable, existing equipment. Different manufacturers of equipment have different sizes and configurations, having a broader range of options, opens the door to more possibilities.

Navigating the options

Straightset can help navigate the choices such as 4-post ATL lifts, scissor lifts, combined MOT and wheel alignment lifts, connected brake testers, jacking beams, emissions testers, headlight testers. The company also supply and fit all relevant signage for both existing and new facilities, as well as the various accessories that may be needed, from a variety of well trusted manufacturers, with aftercare services offered.

Straightset gives tips on reinventing MOT bays

Top Tip

MOT bays and wheel alignment bays can be integrated together to form a high capacity, space saving solution to allow room for an additional service bay.

MOT Bay configurations are designed to specific guidelines. The trick is the knowledge of how the guidelines can be interpreted in terms of lay out and equipment specification. An independent MOT equipment supplier has the skill and choice of equipment to hand to provide a variety of solutions – there is rarely just one solution.

It’s also worthwhile noting the advantages that come from using a single provider of all the services the garage refurbishment or installation will need. By using the same company, the owner will have more input in the relevant timeline and will take comfort from the fact that the resultant upheaval can be kept to a manageable minimum.

In addition to designers and project installation teams, Straightset have a team of more than 50 engineers covering the whole country, and a dedicated service team offering the full range of preventative maintenance and calibration programmes. All certifications and paperwork are held on their systems, allowing owners to concentrate on providing the best MOT service to their customers, whilst Straightset keeps the equipment and paperwork in order.

Whatever your MOT Bay requirements, an independent specialist company like Straightset can bring your MOT bay project to reality.

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