RMI introduces ADAS training courses

RMI introduces ADAS training courses

PMM talks to the RMI about its brand new ADAS training courses that are available to independent garages from across the UK.

It is extremely likely that your garage is already working on vehicles that contain Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). With the EU making a number of ADAS technologies mandatory in new vehicles from May 2022, it is vital that technicians understand these systems and have the knowledge to service and calibrate vehicles with ADAS fitted.

Whilst garages strive to maintain their knowledge of rapidly advancing vehicle systems, the current rate of change, especially in relation to ADAS fitted to modern cars, makes this a challenge due to the absence of information available in the marketplace. The RMI Academy of Automotive Skills has launched two new ADAS courses to fill the knowledge gap and ensure that garages can be confident when vehicles come in for repair.

Paul Darwell, Head of the RMI Academies, explained, “ADAS sensors and intervention devices are likely to require recalibration if a component is removed and refitted or replaced, even when something as simple as steering geometry is adjusted. Very few ADAS components operate in isolation – and as long as they’re communicating, they won’t necessarily flag up any dashboard warning lights when there’s an issue.

“Our new courses provide a theoretical introduction to ADAS that’s useful to anyone working in a garage, and our full-day option gives technicians a practical understanding on how ADAS features are affected by the work they are already carrying out on a day-to-day basis.”

Available RMI courses

‘ADAS Introduction & Awareness’ is a half-day course, designed to provide an overview of ADAS procedures within the workplace. It covers safety features, usage of equipment and advises technicians on the various equipment manufacturers within the industry.

This course is suitable for most individuals who work in a garage, including receptionists, sales staff, vehicle fitters and technicians who want to gain a further understanding of ADAS. No prior knowledge or experience is required to undertake this course.

Participants will learn:

  • An understanding of the procedures for ADAS calibration
  • Awareness of manufacturers and their ADAS equipment
  • How elements of ADAS re-calibration can be undertaken using existing garage equipment

‘ADAS Awareness & Practical’ is a full-day course, designed to provide a more in-depth knowledge of ADAS procedures and

equipment, and contains a practical element with hands-on tasks utilising re-calibration equipment within a workshop setting.

The course is aimed at individuals such as vehicle fitters, technicians and bodyshop technicians, who want to gain a further understanding of ADAS. Basic vehicle knowledge is recommended, however no prior ADAS knowledge or experience is required to undertake this course.

The practical element is designed to help develop technicians’ pinpoint accuracy of equipment, target positioning and general operation involved within calibration.

Different equipment covers a range of manufacturers, so technicians will develop an understanding of these differences and learn how to apply their knowledge. The key topics within this course include: ADAS code of practice, sensors, reversing aids, radar systems, targets, and recalibration.

Participants will learn:

  • An understanding of the procedures of ADAS calibration
  • Awareness of manufacturers and their ADAS equipment
  • How ADAS re-calibration systems can be used while using existing garage equipment
  • The practicality of ADAS equipment and usage within a garage environment
  • Target positioning, pinpointing and accuracy when using equipment
  • Innovative design and variations of tools involved
  • How to use equipment efficiently and increase productivity within the workshop

For more information on the RMI’s ADAS course, click here.

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