WD-40 gives away thousands of samples

WD-40 gives away thousands of samples

WD-40 has announced it will be giving away 25,000 cans of WD-40 Specialist Penetrant as part of its latest promotional campaign with LKQ Euro Car Parts.

LKQ Euro Car Parts customers who buy any WD-40 product from one of the parts supplier’s local depots will be given a 50ml sample can of Specialist Penetrant during a six-week period which started on April 1, 2024.

Specialist Penetrant sits within the company’s nine-product Specialist range developed specifically for industrial and commercial use. The product has an extremely low surface tension, ensuring the spray has the ability to loosen corroded or rusted seized parts quickly and safely.  Highly water resistant, Specialist Penetrant can also displace moisture which may be disrupting smooth movement and can also be used as a preventative to the build-up of rust and corrosion.

James Jermyn, Trade Marketing Manager for WD-40 UK, said: “When we teamed up with LKQ Euro Car Parts, we knew instantly Specialist Penetrant would be the perfect product to kickstart our 2024 Spring promotional campaigns.

“Having to free up seized components is the bane of all mechanics and engineers. It can dramatically slow up their task in hand or, worse, completely derail a job. Specialist Penetrant is our tried and test product for helping speed up the chore and it seemed obvious to choose it as our first sample giveaway of the year. Specialist Penetrant is one of those products that once sampled it becomes the mainstay of any toolkit.”

Nik Cartlidge, Retail Development Manager at LKQ Euro Car Parts, added: “It is great news that we are continuing our collaboration with WD-40® highlighting the Specialist range with a free sample campaign is a great way to reemphasise the range to our customers and allows our colleagues to discuss the key benefits and usage of each Specialist can – and who doesn’t like a freebie?”

To find out more about the complete WD-40 Specialist range, click here.

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