The Right Medicine
The Right Medicine

The Right Medicine

LIQUI MOLY explains why it believes technicians can generate additional turnover by using the company’s Radiator Cleaner and Radiator Stop-Leak.

The hotter it is outside, the more important it is to ensure that the engine stays cool. Radiators that are not operating properly pose a serious threat of damage to the engine. Instead of replacing the radiator, it is also possible to give it ‘medicine’ to get it working properly again – and for only a small amount of money. Your customers will no doubt be pleased to have saved money and will be more likely to recommend your workshop to others.

The ‘medicine’ from LIQUI MOLY consists of two additives. The first is Radiator Cleaner. Simply add this to the coolant and allow the engine to idle for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the degree of contamination. During this time, the active ingredients dissolve deposits and contaminants, which can then be drained out together with the coolant. All that is then required is to flush the radiator with water and refill it.

Deposits in the cooling system prevent the exchange of heat and can block the thermostat. LIQUI MOLY’s Radiator Cleaner dissolves these deposits effectively. It does not contain any aggressive acids or lyes, it is acid-neutralising, compatible with rubber and plastics, and does not attack materials in the radiator. It can also be used as a preventative measure during service to eliminate deposits before they become a serious problem.

The second additive is Stop-Leak. It quickly and reliably repairs leaks in the radiator. All that’s required is to pour the additive into the radiator. It contains specially developed synthetic particles, which collect at cracks, sealing them as soon as pressure develops in the radiator. This eliminates expensive searches for small leaks. The product is also suitable for aluminium radiators as well as cooling systems with a water filter.

In the same manner as Radiator Cleaner, it can also be used on a preventative basis. The synthetic particles wait for any fissure to develop – for example, as soon as a small crack results from a thrown rock, it is sealed immediately. No coolant is lost and the customer never even notices that there was a problem.

LIQUI MOLY is confident that garage customers will be enthusiastic about these radiator additives, because they help save money. From the garage’s point of view, thanks to the low costs, you can earn additional revenue from your customers, because repairing or completely replacing the radiator might have been considered too expensive.

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