Prolan: eco-friendly lubricants

Prolan: eco-friendly lubricants

Oils and lubricants specialist the Witham Group has been named as the exclusive supplier of a new, eco-friendly rust preventative lubricant, Prolan.

Witham Group is proud to announce that it has been entrusted to become the sole importer and distributor of the award-winning, natural high-performance lubricant, Prolan.

Bringing the benefits of lanolin-based lubricants – wool grease – to the fore and meeting the increasing demands for environmental and sustainable products, Witham is in prime position to provide for increasingly green conscious drivers with the variety of Prolan products on offer.

Its primary use is to protect components in the fight against rust and expand the life of the part. Developed and engineered by experts in New Zealand, the birthplace of Prolan, they have sought to understand the frustrations and challenges corrosion can cause – what’s special about this lubricant, though, is the mix of eco-friendly ingredients that go into each and every can. Every ingredient in each can, bottle or pack is noncarcinogenic and biodegradable.

Witham Group Managing Director, Nigel Bottom, said: “As more people and companies address the use of chemicals and strive to improve their eco credentials, this remarkable, high-quality lubricant is becoming a popular choice for workshops”

Each of the five viscosities are noncarcinogenic, biodegradable and internationally certified by NSF International, the renowned public health and safety organisation.

Prolan: eco-friendly lubricants


Of course, Prolan’s environmental credentials speak for themselves, but Witham Group understands that sustainability alone isn’t enough – reassuringly, Prolan doesn’t compromise on quality.

Lanolin itself, while a natural substance secreted by sheep to provide protective coating on their fleece so they can survive the toughest conditions, has all the lubricating and shielding qualities necessary to cater for the automotive aftermarket. To ensure users can obtain the right variant of Prolan, there are five viscosities of the lubricant range to choose from; Prolan Light, for example, boasts a slight lanolin content to ensure a thin, even coating and, potentially, eliminates the need to remove the coating when the product is reused. This is ideal for electrical equipment.

At the other end of the spectrum, Prolan Extreme is an outstanding, long-lasting and multi-purpose liquid lubricant. Perfect for heavy construction, plant, off-road, as well as marine, horticultural and agricultural, the allrounder can be trusted in the harshest environments, able to stave off marine, sand, salt, mud, fertiliser and, most importantly, rust.

Anti-Seize is a hard-wearing grease that saves both time and money on multiple applications and is able to last for a staggering 30 years. Prolan Specific Degreaser, meanwhile, is both a cleaner and degreaser, formulated using citrus-based solvents, to create the strongest response against unwanted grease to leave surfaces clean.

Whatever the viscosity, whatever the need, Prolan is safe and easy to apply, whether it be used as an aerosol, trigger pack sprayer, paint brush or a wipe for heavy-duty surfaces.

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