Our mate, your mate…… AutoMate

Our mate, your mate…… AutoMate

With the incredible pace of technology, especially in the fast moving world of automotive electronics and mechanical systems, keeping trainees and staff up-to-date on current innovations and leading-edge concepts is a battle. It requires a big commitment in time and can be expensive.

But now  AutoMate has come up with a way of minimising the downtime associated with training and, at the same time, made it absolutely up-to-the-minute and affordable.


Basically, AutoMate has a library of training videos. The trainee or mechanic can log on from any internet enabled device – computer, tablet, scan tool, iPad®, Smartphone, etc. – and sit through a short, well-researched and informative presentation on the chosen topic.

That might be, for example, ‘How to use a Multi-meter’, ‘Common Rail Diesel Injector Coding’, ‘Scan tool Advanced Functions’ or any one of the dozens of courses available.

There’s a big catalogue of training available already, and AutoMate offers up to three new videos each week.

So on the one hand, a trainee being introduced to a subject can stop the video at any time to do some research if there’s something said or demonstrated they’d like to know more about, or they can watch the video as many times as they like.

At a higher level, a mechanic confronted with an unfamiliar system, component or DTC can search the library and quickly find relevant training videos. At the end of each training video is an optional knowledge check so the technician can make sure they’ve understood the concepts or demonstrations.

It’s a great alternative to a classroom situation, can be done almost anywhere, and the instruction is on-demand. There’s no need to set up a schedule for groups of people to be in a certain place at a given time.


The AutoMate headquarters are incredibly impressive. This isn’t a group of kids with a video camera. These guys have a fully functioning, state of the art, movie production facility, with a sound stage and studio. The studio is set up with various areas of a working lube bay or mechanic’s workspace, including a hoist, and the camera, sound and lighting equipment is staggering.

It’s nearly as staggering as the expertise in both the presenters and production staff. From complex, animated, 3D drawings that can be exploded and rotated on screen through to editors, sound and cameramen, AutoMate Training has seriously qualified people on staff, and it shows in the quality of both the video presentation and the knowledge offered by the presenters themselves.


AutoMate Training is a great resource. The flexibility available to users is a huge consideration, but even bigger is the breadth of knowledge on tap, and just how effective the excellent presentations are. With a presenter who knows what he’s talking about offering uninterrupted demonstrations on the same equipment technicians will find in their workshops, and with professional production allowing close-up vision of delicate or intricate processes, it’s the perfect training aid for workshops.

And, thanks to the inclusion of incredibly high-tech and intricate animation, complex components can be demonstrated actually running, showing their internal workings. That’s something that’d be very difficult in a classroom.


The AutoMate Training will cost £59 per month (ex VAT) and that includes:

–          Unlimited access to the entire AutoMate video training library

–          Up to three new training videos released every week

–          Holding training sessions in your workshop when it suits you

–          Each training video can be viewed as many times as you like

–          Every training video has an optional knowledge check

–          No lock-in contracts

MAVERICK TECHNOLOGY will be launching AutoMate in the UK at the MECHANEX Sandown show on November 11/12 (STAND B4) so if you’re interested in getting up to speed then drop by and see this brilliant new service first hand.

Log on to www.automatetraining.co.uk for more information and to check out a free video sample.

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