MECHANEX 2023 preview

MECHANEX 2023 preview

For the aftermarket, November means ONE thing: the Mechanex trade show at Sandown Park. This year, visitors will benefit from an even bigger show as we introduce the PMM LIVE brand to the show.

2023 sees PMM once again rounding up the most important suppliers in the aftermarket to provide workshop owners and technicians with an engaging, informative day out of the workshop. The UK’s longest-running trade show dedicated solely to the independent aftermarket will once again be held at Sandown Park on Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th November. 2023’s show promises to be a lively one, with even more exhibitors than last year signed up for the two day show.

How do I visit?

Getting to the show couldn’t be easier. The address for the show is:

Sandown Park
Portsmouth Road

If you’re coming by car head to the free car park. If you’re coming by public transport, the nearest train station is Esher, a 13 minute walk from the venue.

MECHANEX is well known within the independent aftermarket for offering visitors a hands-on experience, bringing them the latest updates and expertise from across the industry and providing an exciting day away from the workshop.

Registration to visit the show is free and so is parking, so why not come and take a look at what the biggest names in the aftermarket have to show you. In such a competitive industry, MECHANEX is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss.

Come and say hi!

As always, PMM will have a stand at the show, so come and say hi and let us know what you like (or dislike!) about the magazine. We may even be podcasting at the show, so please do come armed with your strongest opinions!

If you like PMM, you’ll love MECHANEX – it’s simply the magazine in a live format.

Did you know?

Did you know you can claim CPD points for each seminar you attend at Mechanex? Simply scan the QR code at the stand at the end of each seminar, it couldn’t be easier.


2023 sees the introduction of the PMM LIVE brand. The trade’s favourite magazine is celebrating by bringing you the very best seminar content from exhibitors and industry experts. This year the show will feature TWO PMM LIVE branded seminar areas: the Learning Lounge and the Technical Talks area. These areas offer you the perfect opportunity to get involved and answer the questions you’ve been dying to know.

PMM ’s editor Kieran Nee catches up with Mann+Hummel’s Gary Winslow and Damian Milling to find out what makes Mechanex appealing to the brand and what they’ll be bringing to the show this year.

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Morning guys, besides the free bacon roll, what’s bringing you to the show this year?

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Gary Winslow, product and marketing manager (GW): Well, the free bacon roll is always a plus. I think for a brand such as ourselves, we’ve got a big reputation and a big product in the market, so it’s really good to actually touch base and talk to garages, meeting mechanics in person. It makes it a little bit more personable. Marketing is a wonderful thing, but it can be a little bit one dimensional. So to actually meet and greet, welcome people onto the stand is a real plus for us.

Is this your first time at Mechanex?

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Damian Milling, national sales manager (DM): We’ve been before, back in the early days, certainly before COVID, and we felt it was time to get back out there and get to these fantastic regional events. You know, the big events that are central to the UK are great, but it’s also important that we’re in the place where our customers are actually working. We want to be as accessible to as many people as possible. So, you know, to get back and go down to Sandown, interacting with those people in that local vicinity and those that do travel is very exciting.

GW: I think what’s important as well, we don’t just take the sales team to exhibitions. We take product management. We take people from customer services. The whole aftermarket division gets represented. So the people that come to the show, they’re not just having a sales pitch, they are having education, they are having training, they are talking to the people at the coalface every single day and I think that probably sets us apart. You literally get what’s in all the full experience and I think that benefits everybody.

Why do you think trade shows are so important?

DM: I mean, I think for us, we, it’s an opportunity to learn. So, you know, we’re going to teach our customers and their customers about our product, but actually at the same time, they’re teaching us what they need, what they’re struggling with, what the concerns are, what their worries are, what their frustrations are, which then allows us to listen and to think and to learn and react and try and be better at what we do. You know, we are the premium filtration manufacturer globally, but it doesn’t mean to say we haven’t got room to learn.

Why should visitors come over to the Mann+Hummel stand, then?

DM: We’re moving to a world of alternative fuel sales and electrification. Legislation is changing already. Recently, we’ve seen the change in UK government, internal combustion engine moving from 2030 to 2035. Will that change again? Come and talk to us on our stand. We have a product that will be guaranteed to work for you and your customers, whether it be a vehicle straight off the production line into your workshop for its first service.

The Mann-Filter, you can fit it, you can forget about it. It will not invalidate any block exemption regulations or manufacturer’s warranty whatsoever. We have a product in our range with Wix, a fantastic aftermarket quality product that’s really designed to give you that security, that quality, that confidence in fitting a product from a global manufacturer of filtration at a slightly lower price point for those more price conscious customers that you have.

But come and talk to us, speak to our product team, speak to our technical team, speak to our sales guys, we don’t bite, we are here to help you. And any concerns you’ve got that filtration is going to disappear, because filtration is bread and butter of your everyday business. I can tell you now, you’ve got nothing to fear. There are filtration products on alternative fuel cell vehicles, electric vehicles, full battery, plug-in hybrid.

GW: We will have an area for Q&A sessions where we will go through the technical aspects of the products. We will be taking products on the stand so you can actually hold it in your hand, you can talk about it.

PMM chats to some of the seminar speakers at this year’s event.

IGA’s head of member services, Frank Harvey

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Is there anything new coming down the MOT pipeline this year?

The DVSA are continually looking at ways to reduce errors and save time, even though this may require further investment from the testing stations. We are aware that the DVSA are currently trialling ways of testing nitrous-oxide emissions, this was also part of the recent consultation, and they are undertaking a second round of trials using Automatic Number Plate recognition, (ANPR), via a smart phone or tablet, to aid vehicle identification and reduce errors.

In addition to this the DVSA are also trialling connected headlamp aim lamp equipment. If these trials are successful, it is likely we will see these introduced over the next couple of years. The last thing, that has been well publicised, is that training hours have been reduced from 16 hours over a five year period, to 15 hours over a five year period, in other words it is now simply three training hour per annum.

Is there anything new coming down the MOT pipeline this year?

Any source of relevant information is important, open forum seminars present those present with an opportunity to ask questions and gain better understanding of the some of the day-to-day challenges garages face. The benefits go far beyond what a speaker has to say, these are also networking opportunities, where shared experiences and solution can also provide huge benefit for those that attend.

Ben’s health and wellbeing director, Rachel Clift

MECHANEX 2023 preview

What has Ben been up to this year?

We have been very busy supporting those who work, or have worked, in the automotive industry with their health and wellbeing. It’s a tough time for people right now with the cost-of-living crisis so we’re supporting people in many ways. We have a record number of people coming to us for support, not just about money worries, but also because of the knock-on effect that the cost-of-living crisis has had on their health and wellbeing, particularly mental health.

Why are events like Mechanex important to mechanics and to Ben?

It’s really important for us to attend events like Mechanex to raise awareness about the services and support that Ben provides. We want everyone in the automotive industry to know that Ben is there for them, providing support with their health and wellbeing through our free and confidential online selfhelp, helpline, support and specialist services. So, if you’re worried about your physical or mental health or concerned about your general wellbeing, we’re here to help.

Are you looking forward to the show?

I’m very much looking forward to the show, it will provide a great platform to share more about the support and services that Ben provides to those who may not already know about us.

Neil Pattemore, UK AFCAR

MECHANEX 2023 preview

What’s going on with competition legislation at the moment?

Following a welcome revision of the Motor Vehicle Block Exemption in the UK, the Competition and Markets Authority has recognised some of the important changes in the way that vehicles are diagnosed, serviced and repaired. However, there are still important aspects that require changes in other related UK legislation to ensure that independent operators can continue to have the ability to offer competitive services and consumer choice.

Why is access to data important?

The very basis of competition is enshrined in both EU and UK legislation, but as vehicle technologies have evolved, the devil is in the detail and it has also become more difficult for legislators to keep abreast of these technological changes. The ‘access to data’ is fundamental to being able to diagnose and repair a vehicle, but the ‘good old days’ of simply plugging into the OBD socket are fast disappearing.

Isn’t security of the utmost importance?

Of course, the security of the vehicle is very important, but this should not mean that competition should not, or cannot, exist. The process should not be ‘security by obscurity’, but should be a robust process with access and content set by legislation. However, by definition, who is working on the vehicle and for what purpose will need to be transparent.

Darren Darling, DPF Doctor Network

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Darren, we’ve spoken in the past about DPFs presenting problems for garages. Is there a lack of understanding in the industry?

Yeah, and I don’t think it’s just a DPF problem to be honest. I went to college for three or four years and I was a qualified mechanic, but the world’s moved on, you know, and we have to keep up with technology. Imagine an EV turns up at your workshop: do you have the knowledge base and are you equipped? Are you relying on a scan tool telling you what’s wrong?

So yeah, there’s a lack of understanding, in my opinion. The information from manufacturers is not great either. So for us, we just developed our own process of working, understanding each individual vehicle, you know: how are the software strategies on a Toyota compared with a VW and so on and so on. It’s quite a painstaking process learning all these things, but without that, we would be stabbing in the dark a little bit and we would have a low success rate. On a local level we have a well-established workshop. I think that without a good process then you’re just doing forced regenerations and having limited success.

A big risk comes with forced regenerations, right?

Yes, it’s something that’s not on the menu list at our workshop. It’s not something that we do. There’s no diagnostic value to it. Forcing it to do something is not telling you that it’s able to do it itself. They’re two very, very different things. So doing its own routine regeneration during driving is completely different to you hitting the magic button and it forcing itself. You’re risking it getting too hot. Is it safe to do so?

What are your plans for Mechanex, then?

I want to share that the message that the pretty solid reputation for DPF repairs we’ve built up over the years is not the result of doing anything complicated. We’ve done it by spending a lot of time owning our mistakes. In the early days, if we made a mistake, that was my problem. How can I stop that happening again? It’s about building up a good process.

I want to drive some points home regarding how important that process is because it reduces stress in the workshop: you’re more efficient; you’re more profitable.

PMM ’s news and products editor Freya Coleman caught up with the two sponsors of the PMM LIVE Technical Talks seminar stand to find out what brought them to the show.

What are you bringing to the show this year, anything new?

We have a diverse range of products at Liqui Moly from our motor oils, additives, care range and service items. At the show, we intend to showcase a small selection of these so you can get a real feel for what we have to offer the trade. We’re not just motor oils and additives, we have a selection of top, high-quality products that can suit your workshop and garage needs.

Why should mechanics take time out to come to the show?

Mechanex is a great show to engage with the aftermarket. It’s a fantastic opportunity for us in the industry to get to know what problems you are facing day-today in the workshop and see if we can provide the solutions you need. Not only this, you may see technologies and products you weren’t aware of to diversify the services you can offer as well.

Why have you decided to sponsor the NEW PMM Live Technical Talks?

The automotive industry is always changing and is different to what it was a couple of decades ago. Smaller capacity engines that require very specific oil grades is one example of changes in the automotive sector. So, with PMM Live, we at Liqui Moly feel that education is an important aspect to ensure the right information is out there for the industry. Visitors can gain great insights by attending these educational seminars, so they are able to give the best recommendations and prepare themselves for the future.

What are you most excited about for the show?

For us at Liqui Moly, we are excited to have a chance to discuss what we can offer as a partner for your garage or workshop. From our approvals on our oils, to seeing how our additives could save money. Trade shows, as a whole, provide a great avenue for discussions that sometimes aren’t possible in the work setting.

Could you just start by introducing yourself and Alldata?

I’m Simon Frost, I’m the sales director for the UK for Alldata. Alldata is a company where we license the original repair data created by the vehicle manufacturers and we make it available to the independent garage sector.

This enables the independent garage to repair vehicles at the same level as the franchise dealer and we’re currently covering about 95 per cent of the vehicles on the road in the UK today.

So, you guys are sponsoring a seminar stand at Mechanex this year, why should mechanics come visit?

Well, the seminars are a great part of the show. There’s a lot of great content and it’s all massively relevant. There are all the top people in the industry presenting the latest knowledge and the latest findings and how to do business better and I think it’s really good for business owners to try and get away from their business for a short period of time, come and see what’s new, listen to what’s going on in the market and actually get to meet some of the people there and ask their own questions.

You’ll also have your own stand at the show, do you have any exciting things going on at your stand or any show deals for visitors?

We’ll be showing our repair product with all the data and looking at a recently launched product called Labor Times. So, customers can have a full demonstration with one of the sales team, they can spend some time on their own looking at the type of data we have just to make sure and see for themselves at their own leisure. They can also sign up for a two-week free trial. So, the best way to really test all data is in the workshop and see if it’s helping you day to day to save some time or maybe take on a new repair you couldn’t do previously.

Why do you think trade shows are important? Why should technicians take a day out of the workshop to come down?

Over the past few years, we’ve lost a bit of those face-to-face meetings and those interactions. That’s really coming back now. So, just meeting people face-to-face is valuable. There’s an atmosphere there of openness, people showing what they have, a chance to see new stuff. It’s great to go and see how you can maybe implement something new to improve your business.

3D Group

Come and see 3D Group – the leading automotive locksmith suppliers in Europe, supplying replacement car keys, key cutting machinery, diagnostic tools and more with up to 50 per cent discount on stand.


Ben is the charity dedicated to supporting the people of the automotive industry, providing support for life for them and their family dependents. The charity supports individuals to navigate through life’s challenges, empowering them to make positive, lasting change.

Ben works with people to improve their lives through its free and confidential online self-help helpline and support services. It also provides those who work in the automotive industry with access to a free digital mental health and wellbeing platform.

CJ Diesel

With all the latest equipment from Bosch, Hartridge, Merlin, Rabotti and Stardex, CJ Diesel remanufactures all makes of diesel injection equipment, including Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens, VDO, Stanadyne, L’Orange and CAT. CJ Diesel remanufactures a huge range of fuel injection equipment: from the latest Euro 6 automotive applications through to Cummins, L’Orange and Bosch large engine equipment for power generation marine installations. Remanufacture can improve inherent design flaws from initial production, thus prolonging part life and keeping costs down. Quality is sustained whilst taking ecological responsibility. So, for all your fuel diesel injection requirements, whether testing, remanufacturing or new, get in touch or come see the team at Mechanex!


Are you ready to grow your business without hassle? Look no further than ClickMechanic! Since 2012, the company has connected thousands of garages and mobile mechanics across the UK with new local customers via our platform and app. At our stand, we are excited to showcase how we’re bringing trust, transparency, and convenience to the world of car repair. With a range of exclusive show offers and the chance to connect with the team, don’t miss out on having a chat and signing up. Best of all it’s free to join and no monthly fees! In today’s environment staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Visit our stand and meet the team that is dedicated to helping you get more business and succeed, grab your exclusive show offers!


Durofix is thrilled to be attending the show this year, where it’ll bringing discounts on its highly popular G12 Pro range, as well as showcasing other brands like Acdelco and DuroSense. Tools on offer incude the Durofix G12 range, the introduction of the RW1221 ratchet wrench and the stubby impact wrench RI12184. In addition to its Durofix range, we’re also proud to feature Acdelco and DuroSense. Take this opportunity to explore the TPMS range, benefit from incredible discounts, and enhance your toolkits.


At Mechanex, Hickleys will be demonstrating units from diagnostic industry leaders such as Texa, Delphi and Bosch. It will also be presenting information on its comprehensive range of vehicle lifts. Also on display will be a range of aircon servicing units, many of which are kept in stock, ready to ship within a couple of days from the distribution centre in Somerset. Hickleys also stock a vast range of tools for key and remote programming, and non-destructive vehicle entry. Speak to its team at the show to be shown how easy it is to add key programming as an extra revenue for your business. The company also has its own dedicated training centre that holds regular courses on vehicle entry and key programming, as well as a range of automotive training such as MOT testing and aircon servicing.

Diagnostic Connections

Diagnostic connections are looking forward to bringing all Mechanex visitors its extensive range of vehicle diagnostics equipment. It will have products on display from market leading brands such as Topdon, Autocom, Pico, Diagnose-Dan and Core Diagnostics to name just a few. The team on the stand are up for answering any questions you may have – the company’s mantra has and will also be to deliver approachable honest advice in a very confusing and misleading sector. It will also be launching brand-new products from DCLubricants with its three-in-one fuel additives for both petrol and diesel cars, alongside a two stage DPF cleaning solution and engine oil flush. Pop by to chat with Steve Scott from the simply diag network with a few guest appearances across the two days from Darren Darling, founder of The DPF Doctor.


Grouptyre is delighted to be exhibiting at the 2023 Mechanex show. The UK’s market leading independent national wholesaler of tyres, Grouptyre stocks a huge range of over 1.3m tyres with 455 delivery vans operating from 42 locations. Come and visit the team to see how Grouptyre can help you develop your business, with its business support, industry leading tools and market leading delivery service.

Hugh Boswell

Boswell Aftermarket is a Chartered insurance broker that has provided specialist insurance to the automotive aftermarket for over 40 years. We work with nationally recognised automotive trade organisations and industry-leading insurers, to provide insurance coverage to over 1,200 aftermarket businesses across the UK.

Infopro Digital Automotive

Infopro Digital Automotive is a leading player in the business-to-business data, software and services for the automotive aftermarket. Our goal is to connect and inform all communities of the automotive aftermarket industry by providing them with key information through full end-to-end solutions that help them boost their business and work to their full potential.

JHM Butt

JHM Butt & Co Ltd is a leading garage equipment and workshop tools distributor with over 50 years of experience in the automotive and industrial markets. At Mechanex we will be showcasing equipment such as tyre changers, wheel balancers, coil spring compressors and more. Come by our stand to discuss your garage needs.


Alongside Kalimex’s permanent coolant leak repair K-Seal, it will also be demonstrating the bonding abilities of Quiksteel repair putty. Also on display will be the JLM range. JLM’s products are designed for the professional technician who wants to help their customers stay on the road for longer and save them money. JLM is known offering professional additives and tools for reducing emissions and improving performance for diesel, petrol and hybrid engines. The product range includes powerful petrol products such as the emissions reduction treatment (ideal as a pre or post MOT insurance) and also dedicated and proven treatments for GDI (gasoline direct injection) engines. Plus, JLM offer a range of service products including an oil flush, oil treatments and powerful workshop sprays. To learn more and to pick up your limited-edition goody pack visit the JLM stand.

Launch Tech UK

Launch Tech UK will be showing its new range of EV diagnostic and workshop equipment to meet the future needs of the industry, plus the brand’s latest immobiliser and key programming tools. Technicians visiting the Launch Tech stand at Mechanex will also have the chance to see and get hands on with its leading product portfolio including workshop tools such as the ADAS Pro+ and ADAS Mobile and its diagnostics range, which features the brand new X431 Euro Turbo II, plus its popular X431 Euro Tab III and Immo Pro. Plus, the brand will be demonstrating the latest iterations of its popular smoke 1 and smoke 2 diagnostic leak detection product line, diagnostic tool add-ons.


On MAHA’s stand, exhibition attendees will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the capabilities of its equipment solutions that aim to enhance precision, efficiency, and compliance. The MLT 1000 and 3000 headlight testers will be featured on the stand, designed to meet stringent MOT testing standards while ensuring accurate headlight alignment. Additionally, the PMS 3.5 axle play detector will be on display, demonstrating its role in detecting axle-related issues efficiently and reliably. The MCD 2000 communication display cabinet will also be on display.

Merlin Diesel Systems

With 75 years of experience, Merlin Diesel Systems is one of the leading aftermarket suppliers of diesel fuel injection parts. As authorised distributors for Delphi, Bosch, Denso, Perkins, Stanadyne, Hartridge, Yanmar and Continental, we drive the advancement of the global fuel injection landscape. Are you ready to discover diesel excellence?

Opus IVS

Opus IVS helps independent automotive workshops repair the most complex vehicles fast with diagnostics, programming and live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.

Opus IVS delivers beyond the scope of general scan tool diagnostic capabilities. Their IVS 360TM Live Repair Guidance support service provides unrivalled support to workshops globally.

Join Opus IVS at MECHANEX 2023 and discover how their diagnostic solutions can help you to revolutionise your workshop repairs. On stand D52 experience hands-on demonstrations of the powerful in-depth diagnostics that DrivePro™ can provide, as well as how you can utilise the guidance of 100+ master technicians.


Come and see a live demonstration of what OSCA can bring to your business. Whether you’re a mechanic, body shop repairer, or ADAS specialist. OSCA and its application list of over 10,000 jobs can provide accurate and efficient remote diagnostics via a network of live vehicle technicians removing the need to rely on the dealer network.


Take the opportunity to visit the Supertracker stand at this year’s Mechanex for exciting product demonstration, technical advice, latest innovations and promotional pricing on its range of wheel alignment systems. The stand will also be launching an updated version of the laser wheel alignment technology using green lasers to help improve visibility in bright sunlight. There is also an opportunity to meet some of the key Supertracker team including an experienced engineer who will be on the stand, readily available to ask any technical questions. Whether you already own one of its products and are looking for top tips, or if you’re interested in how its machines work, the engineer will be there to help. The directors of the company will also be there to meet with customers.

The MOT Training & Compliance Group

The MOT training and compliance group offer training for MOT testers and managers, site audit visits, and MOT AEC support, annual tester training, and MOT compliance folders, which will be available at the show for a discounted price. Other show offers include receiving 3 months AEC support when booking an MOT site audit visit. So, visit this groups stand to talk everything MOT training and compliance and to look its comprehensive compliance folder in person, designed to make life easy for you and the DVSA inspector. If you have any questions or concerns about MOT training or compliance, come and talk to its team.

MECHANEX 2023 preview


Rotronics will be showcasing the latest battery and charging technologies at Mechanex. Do you want to know more about the importance of testing EFB (enhanced flooded batteries) accurately, and how this can make a positive impact on your vehicle battery diagnosis? Want to understand more on how vehicle electrification, and both the EV pack and 12 V battery can be supported by your workshop going forward? Want to know more about the industries first battery information portal ROBIS? Come along and see Rotronics ‘in action’ where they will be informing visitors on how AI and diagnostic ‘self-learning’ is being used to diagnose battery failure in the future. Also, visitors can expect to benefit from a host of show-time only preferential discounts and money saving deals during the show.

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Thinkcar UK

Thanks to the overwhelming success experienced last year, Thinkcar UK is thrilled to announce its participation in Mechanex 2023. This year, its stand will feature a comprehensive display showcasing our entire product range, its flagship product, the ThinkCar Euro Max, now equipped with remote programming capabilities and accompanied by its full suite of accessories. Also being showcased is the Thinkcar UK ADAS frame, highlighting its innovative space-saving features and value for independent workshops. The team looks forward to sharing the details of its special show offers and having many a conversation with exhibitors about their specific needs.


Turboactive will be showcasing the wide range of turbochargers it is able to offer for an assortment of applications, from passenger car and LCV, through to heavy-duty, plant and marine. Its sales rep and experienced technical advisor Alan will be available to provide technical advice, as well as tips and tricks regarding troubleshooting and fitment. The company will also be running a competition throughout the duration of the show in collaboration with key OEM supplier Garrett, offering a free sign up to Garrett’s installer connect training which provides online training for turbo fitment and advice through a series of high-quality animations, culminating in a quiz which leaves the participant a certified Garrett turbo installer. Everyone who completes the training will be entered into a prize draw to win a prize pack of Garrett gear worth up to £120!

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Vika DPA

As a world leading auto spare parts service supplier, Vika and DPA, offers top-level automotive parts for Volkswagen, ŠKODA, Audi, and SEAT models. Vika holds over 20,000 parts in its range focusing on mechanical and service parts. DPA-Diamond Performance Auto cover a comprehensive body parts workshop range.

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Young Automotive Direct

We are specialist distributors of a comprehensive range of tyre repair, workshop consumables and servicing Products alongside Corghi tyre changing and wheel balancing equipment. Supplying high-quality brands such as Trax Wheel Balance Weights, Tech Tyre Repair Materials and Aircat Air Tools to meet all demands in the tyre industry. Please visit our stand to learn more and how best we can help you.

MECHANEX 2023 preview

When to find your favourite seminar speakers each day on the Learning Lounge seminar stand.

Day One & Day Two

10:30 – The IGA | MOT update

The IGA gives visitors the latest updates to the MOT regulations

MECHANEX 2023 preview

11:30 – Neil Pattemore

Today’s aftermarket faces increasingly challenging times, created by the changes in vehicle technology, the access to the vehicle and its data and the corresponding new business models for the diagnostics, repair and maintenance activities.

MECHANEX 2023 preview

Neil will explain what some of these challenges are and what is being done to ensure a vibrant UK aftermarket continues to exist.

12:30 – Ben

BEN’s head of wellbeing Rachel Clift explains the vital work the charity carries out and explains how you can get involved.

MECHANEX 2023 preview

13:30 – DPF Doctor, Darren Darling

The DPF Doctor, aka Darren Darling, discusses with the Mechanex audience the importance of following set processes in the workshop when dealing with DPFs and beyond.

Exhibitor list

Who’s coming and where to find them…

3D Group: D48

A2B Components: D55

Absolute Alignment: C4

Alldata: B14

Aston Lark: C12

Autoquip: C16

Autowave: C14

Ben: C26

Bilstein: B32

BRC Promotions: D46

Chiltern Development Training: F10

CJ Diesels: C22

ClickMechanic: A6

Clover UK: B22

Cooling Edge: D44

Diagnostic Connections: F2

Durofix: B20

Engine Clean Solutions: C6

Essex Recons: D38

Gallagher: B12

GloForce: B24

Grouptyre: A10

Hickleys: F14

High J Boswell: A7

IGA: B30

Impact Diagnostics/Autel: F16

Infopro Digital Automotive: A4

JHM Butt & Co: B8

Kalimex: B23


Launch UK: D32

Liqui Moly: D40

Maha: A12

Mann & Hummel: B26

Merlin Diesel Systems: A16

Motul: A20

Oil Recoveries: A8


Powerprobe: D70

Randstad (AJD Tools & Thinkcar): D60

Reco Turbo: B18

Rotronics: C2

Silkmoth Limited: C8

Slicker Recycling: F12

Supertracker: D54

Thermobile: F20

Topdon UK: F4

Triple X Trading: B10

Turboactive: A14


Web Seller Pro: D36

Young Automotive Direct: D58

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