Making the light choice

Making the light choice

Different jobs require different levels and varieties of lighting. With its new range of products, Ring believes it can help those technicians looking for a little more illumination.

Getting proper illumination is always going to be a challenge in the workshop. Working under vehicles or in engine bays is dark and tricky, with shadows cast exactly where you need to be able to see. But with good lighting, you can identify the problem faster, get the job done more easily and get the vehicle back on the road sooner – improving customer satisfaction and getting more vehicles through the garage in any given day.

The versatile choice

Adaptable and versatile, the Ring RIL3700HP MAGflex Utility is an option for portable but wide-angled illumination.

What makes the tool an all-rounder is the number of ways that it can be mounted or used around the workshop. With a powerful 1,000 lumen light output and twin magnets on the adjustable base, it can be easily mounted under the bonnet for a broad, bright illumination. This is ideal for carrying out diagnostics, such as testing electronics or battery analysis.

Making the light choice

Once a problem has been identified, the MAGflex Utility can be quickly removed to be used as a handheld lamp, for a focused beam to take a closer look. The lamp can also be stood on the ground to light up a wheel or the side of the vehicle, as well as being attached to a metal ramp. In addition, if it’s dropped or kicked, it’s robust enough to continue working. It’s cordless and rechargeable, and is a great value choice that can be an under bonnet, hand held or floor lamp.

For the darkest jobs

If you need the extra brightness, the Ring RIL3400HP MAGflex Arc is a good choice. The brightest hand-held MAGflex lamp, the Arc, emits up to 500 lumens whilst retaining its portability. Its robust body is certified  IK07 drop resistant, and IP65 water and dust resistant, making it ideal for tough professional workshops. The magnetic base and ratchet allow the user to attach the lamp to a metal surface and then position the light at the optimal angle. An LED indicator shows remaining battery level, and the lamp comes with a USB charging cable and a mains adaptor.

The complete range

Whatever the job, there’s a MAGflex lamp to suit. The MAGflex Inspection Lamps are all flexible in order to get illumination in the right place, and all can be used hands-free, which means that they can be secured to provide super bright light without needing to be held in place. The range includes the MAGflex Under Bonnet Lamp, the MAGflex Twist and the MAGflex Pivot.

Dan from Elite and Performance Jags:

“The Ring MAGflex Pivot lamp provides a strong amount of illumination for such a compact light, and it’s slim enough to squeeze into tight spots on a vehicle.”

Des Davies from Top Gear Motor Services:

“The range provides brilliant lighting for checking components and items, and the concentrated beam really helps with pre-MOT checks and servicing.”

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