Klarius offers catalytic converter support

Klarius offers catalytic converter support

Exhaust specialist Klarius is supporting technicians to keep customers’ catalytic converters on the road.

As the average age of vehicles on UK roads increases, the demand for professional technical support and high-quality automotive parts is on the rise. Aiming to meet these evolving needs is Klarius, the go-to expert for catalytic converters (CATs), diesel particulate filters (DPFs), and selective catalytic reduction (SCRs).

Catalytic converters are an integral part of the exhaust system, and their importance cannot be overstated. CATs funnel exhaust gases through a specially designed honeycomb monolith to neutralise harmful pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide and other hydrocarbons. However, this process can often result in the CAT becoming coated with soot, unburned hydrocarbons and contaminants, which can ultimately lead to its failure.

When CAT failure occurs, simply replacing the part is not always the solution. It’s crucial to identify the root of the problem to prevent recurring issues. With its comprehensive technical support, Klarius has gained a reputation as a lifeline for garage technicians across the UK.

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Klarius’ approach to technical support emphasises this diagnostic process and its team of experts understand that CAT failure can often be a symptom of wider issues, such as leaks in the emission control system or issues with fuelling like coil packs or spark plugs. By addressing these underlying problems, Klarius not only provides a replacement part but also helps prevent future CAT failures. Taking a holistic approach to vehicle maintenance, aiming to set itself apart.

With its technical support line and tech tips videos, the company aims to offer real-world solutions, equipping technicians with the knowledge to tackle challenging problems effectively, enhancing service levels, and boosting customer satisfaction by getting them back on the road quicker.

The support doesn’t end there. For garages, an important part of offering an outstanding repair service for its customers is sourcing a high-quality replacement and fitting it fast.

Luckily, Klarius offers a wide range of high-quality replacement CATs from its range of over 11,000 applications. Products are designed to meet or exceed OEM standards and all relevant parts are type-approved. The business understands that repairs are often urgent and so in most cases parts are available from distributors same day. When parts are not in stock locally, all orders before 5:30pm will be delivered to the distributor next working day.

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