How Windscreen Repair Can Boost Your Workshop

How Windscreen Repair Can Boost Your Workshop

Victoria Evans, director of Esprit Windscreen Repair Equipment talks to PMM about the firm’s Elite Windscreen Repair Kit and what it offers to independent workshops.

Are you offering windscreen repair to your customers yet? If not, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to offer an add-on service, helping their vehicles pass their MOT, at the same time as creating an extra line of income for your business. Our repair kit is simple to learn to use and we offer training with every Elite kit, free if you visit our premises in Staffordshire. We also have options to train you at your premises, either individually or in a group. The Elite kit can carry out around 40 repairs and after that you only have to replace the consumables, like the resin. Some of our customers have had their kits for over 20 years!

Within the kit, firstly you have the Elite Bridge. This is designed to comfortably fit in the hand, and the moveable arm means that you can position it perfectly over the damage and inspect the repair before curing. The sucker should be used with a small amount of the gel and it’ll stick fast to the screen.

How Windscreen Repair Can Boost Your Workshop

Turning to the injectors, we offer plastic or stainless steel. The latter come with a lifetime guarantee and are part of our constant drive to make our kit more sustainable. They can be used again and again and cleaned with our ESpray to keep them in tip top condition. The resin can be used on all types of breaks, including cracks. We offer a UV proof syringe as standard, but we also offer the transparent syringes too – we tried to phase them out but our customers asked for them back so we couldn’t say no! The UV proof syringes are ideal if you’re repairing outside in sunlight, or if you ever have issues with resin curing prematurely in the syringe.

We sell resin in 2, 5, 10 and 50ml bottles so you can purchase whatever works best for your business. The kit comes with four resin packs each containing a 2ml bottle. Once the resin has been introduced to the break and the on/off cycle started, you can also use the Esprit heater. This is also manufactured in-house and ensures the screen can be heated to the perfect temperature to allow the best ingress of resin throughout the break. Once you’re ready to cure the break, the Esprit LED lamp is used. Again, manufactured by Esprit, it’s the perfect size for breaks and also cracks. After 75 seconds, the repair is cured and all you need to do to perfect the repair is scrape off the excess resin and give it a little polish.

How Windscreen Repair Can Boost Your Workshop

Turning a profit

We recommend charging around £25-40 per repair and we calculate the cost of the repair at around £2-3, so you can see, they’re a great way to increase your profit. Plus, a happy customer with a repaired windscreen, passing the MOT, is probably a repeat customer. We know there are lots of repair kits on the market these days, so why should people choose our one? Well, the Elite kit has passed the prestigious TUV accreditation and we’ve been in business for over 40 years. We’ll train you, so you can see the kit working. We offer IMIaccredited training as well as refresher training. We’re based in Britain and our kit is manufactured in Britain, so you know that if you have questions, you can pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced staff.

If you’re reading this and you would like to know more, I suggest giving us a ring and speaking to our head of technical and training, Dean, or our key account manager, Sam. Take a look at our website – it’s got our free training videos, customer testimonials, demo videos and all the information on which is the right kit for you.

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