GT85 explains its use for technicians

GT85 explains its use for technicians

GT85 explains how and where technicians can use the multi-purpose spray.

GT85 is a versatile and effective lubricant and rust preventative spray that can be an essential addition to any mechanic’s toolkit. With its unique formula, GT85 not only lubricates and protects against rust, but also displaces moisture, making it suitable for a range of applications in a workshop.

One of the valuable features of GT85 is its ability to penetrate deep into the smallest spaces, which can help you when freeing up seized bolts and other stuck parts. The spray’s precision nozzle allows for targeted application, making it easy to reach more difficult places.

Mechanics will know that wellmaintained tools are key to saving both time and money, as well as ensuring optimal performance, better safety, improved durability and maintaining a quality reputation.

Finding a tool that helps with lubricating, cleaning and protecting all types of engines, car and motorbike parts, bicycles, tools and heavy-duty machinery isn’t easy, but that’s exactly what GT85 claims to be able to do. It brings the shine back to metal, chrome and plastic surfaces; it protects surfaces against dirt, moisture, rust and corrosion; and loosens stubborn stuck parts.

GT85 explains its use for technicians

Protecting the underbody

To keep vehicles rust-free, spray some GT85 on an old rag liberally. Then, wipe down all the metal parts, and for those hard-to-reach areas, the red straw attachment will help you to get in there and apply it directly. The underbody of the vehicle is particularly susceptible to rust, so check, clean, and protect any steel or metal areas, such as the exhaust, exposed parts, frame rails, leaf springs, nuts and bolts, suspension, weld seams, and wheel wells.

Ex-bicycle mechanic and motor enthusiast, Joe Achilles, had the following to say about GT85: “It’s very, very good at cleaning rust and grime off things that have corroded, but it’s also very good at preventing that rust and grime returning to whatever it is that you’ve cleaned. It’s safe to use on metals, composites and carbon fibre, so it’s useful on modern and old machinery and for freeing up and loosening bolts that might be seized.”

Motorbike maintenance

When maintaining motorbikes, use GT85 to lubricate the chain by rotating the back wheel and evenly coating the chain while penetrating the joint. After a few minutes, wipe away any excess formula.

GT85 removes moisture from sensitive electrical parts of a motorbike and provides rust protection. It’s also great for cleaning grease and dirt from all motorbike parts. Use GT85 and a microfiber cloth to clean and protect chrome, rubbing it in small, even circles for a shine that’s easy to maintain.

Petrolhead Freddie Dobbs shared, “I’ve been riding around in the saltiest conditions for 12 years and I’ve never had any rust on any bike I’ve ever owned, and GT85 is a big reason for it. It’s a magic spray and the mechanic’s best kept secret.”

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