‘Garages to benefit’ from new car maintenance comparison service
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‘Garages to benefit’ from new car maintenance comparison service

The Motorists’ Organisation partners with Gocompare.com to help its customers compare car servicing.

Garage comparison company, The Motorists’ Organisation, has partnered with Gocompare.com to help motorists shop around for car servicing and repairs.

Gocompare.com has become the first comparison website in the UK to help its customers compare car servicing, MOT and repair providers, via Gocompare.com/car-insurance/services-and-mots/.

The Motorists’ Organisation holds a wealth of data from garages across the UK, enabling Gocompare.com’s customers to compare like-for-like MOT and car servicing pricing, as well as appointment availability. They can then book directly with any garage listed 24/7, not just when the garage is open.

The online comparison and booking facility suggests which service to book, according to the maintenance needs of individual cars. It collates the vehicle’s key information simply by entering the registration number and provides instant prices from local garages.

The Motorists’ Organisation predicts that it will double in size in the next six months, and will see its network of garages grow by a further 50% in the same period, due to its partnership with Gocompare.com.

Douglas Rotberg, Managing Director of The Motorists’ Organisation, said: “Our partnership with Gocompare.com is really exciting. Millions of people use Gocompare.com each year to find a great deal on their car insurance, and those people will now be able to use our service to make maintenance of their cars easier, more transparent and less stressful.

“Our mission is to demystify car servicing and repair for cars that are three or more years old. The fact that over 39% of bookings are made online via our platforms when garages are closed is testament to the need for this type of service, and the fact that we are helping to revolutionise the industry.

“Gocompare.com’s new garage comparison service removes the confusion and problems motorists face when choosing what service is needed, how much it should cost, which garage should do it, and when. Comparing multiple garages side by side, both independent and franchised, allows customers to compare apples with apples and clarify this traditionally tricky process.”

Gocompare.com users will also have access to the concierge service developed by The Motorists’ Organisation, which provides motorists with an independent helpline manned by expert mechanics that are able to give advice on specific repairs, identify mechanical issues, estimate potential costs of repair, suggest the best garage to fix their problem, and then organise the service for them.

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