The symptoms of deteriorating wheel bearings

The symptoms of deteriorating wheel bearings

Technicians need to be aware of the symptoms that could point to a deteriorating wheel bearing and Comline is here to inform.

Steering judder, reduced acceleration, grinding, unevenly worn tyres, unbalanced wheels and vehicle pulling are all potential indicators that a wheel bearing is failing. To undertake a quick and efficient replacement of the failing part, technicians will require a wheel bearing kit, complete with the relevant accessories required for the specific application.


Comline’s range of wheel bearing kits aim to deliver a no-hassle, high-quality option for workshops. Production of its kit is governed by strict tolerances, with facilities operating to ISO 9001 certified standards and in compliance with TÜV regulations.

Comline's wheel bearing offering

Lightweight, high-carbon steel for a robust, heat resistant and long-lasting service life, combined with stringent and extensive inhouse testing, claiming to ensure technicians can be assured of a simple and quality fit. In short, Comline wheel bearing kits are premium quality products delivered to market with the promise of a competitive edge.

Wheel bearings play a pivotal role in mobilising all vehicle types; therefore, technicians require the support of a supplier that offers a wide-ranging portfolio – the company has a range of 600 that spans across European, Japanese and Korean applications.

Depending on the required application, technicians will note that wheel bearings stretch from generation to generation: from the single row ball ‘gen 0’ options, to more complex, dual flange with double row ball ‘gen 3’ variants that are typically found in more contemporary vehicles.

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