Schaeffler REPXPERT experiences busiest week

Schaeffler REPXPERT experiences busiest week

Schaeffler has been helping garage owners and mechanics, as well as training thousands of aftermarket professionals, for many years, however, last week was described as one of the busiest the UK team has ever witnessed.

On June 22nd, during the course of one single day (and evening), Schaeffler staff were on hand to help deliver help, advice and training in no less than five different locations across the UK and Ireland, ranging from Perth in Scotland to Sevenoaks in Kent, and across the sea to Fermoy in Southern Ireland.

Schaeffler supported customer trade shows with stands at Dingbro in Perth and General Traffic in Oldham, while Technical Manager and chief REPXPERT, Alistair Mason, was busy training staff at Watts Auto Services in Barnsley. Mechanics attending the MPD technical event in Sevenoaks were treated to an evening of double clutch system training, with other members of the team supporting the latest stop on the MechanExpert roadshow tour at Fermoy in the Republic of Ireland.

For good measure, Schaeffler also found enough players to field a team in the IAAF Golf Day held at the Belfry near Birmingham, where more than 100 players took part in one of the Aftermarket’s biggest events to raise funds for BEN, the motor industry charity.

Schaeffler’s Matt Selby, said: “Schaeffler has a busy calendar this year but I don’t think I can ever recall a day such as this. Our team always works hard to support customers and workshops, and although this day was exceptional, it demonstrates our focus, dedication and commitment to supporting the entire aftermarket. What a team we have at Schaeffler!”

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