Autodata reveals latest training offering

Autodata reveals latest training offering

Jonathan Sampson, Director of Sales & Product, Autodata Training reveals all on the company’s latest training offering.

Autodata is the leading supplier of technical information to the automotive aftermarket. We support the servicing, maintenance, diagnostics and repair of vehicles globally with Manufacturer approved technical help guides. Thousands of technicians worldwide trust Autodata to provide them with all the advice and help they need to get a car, van or motorcycle fixed and back on the road. Today we’re taking that help a step further, by introducing a new service we call Autodata Training, a unique video tutorial and technical training service, delivered online for easy access in the workshop.

“Each tutorial is presented by an industry expert who knows the ins and outs of the specific topic”

With this all-new digital subscription service, Autodata now offers technicians hundreds of high-quality, technical training videos. Each tutorial is presented by an industry expert who knows the ins and outs of the specific topic, keeping up-to-date with the latest manufacturer advice and information to ensure that every tutorial is relevant in today’s fast-changing world. These modern training tutorials cover a huge spectrum of topics, from electrics to engine, drivetrain to diagnostics. With technology in automotive advancing at a phenomenal pace, our technicians are also up-to-date with all the latest advances and incorporate the latest developments in their tutorials, including hybrid, electrical and ADAS developments. The online library is already edging towards 400 videos with new tutorials added all the time to keep pace with demand.

“For the first time, technicians can get the specialist training they need, at a time that suits them”

Autodata reveals latest training offering

Gone are the days when workshop owners needed to spend time sourcing quality training and accommodation for their technicians, or losing out on valuable repair time because they had to send their technicians away on courses. For the first time, technicians can get the specialist training they need, at a time that suits them. In timesaving alone, we estimate that an average workshop will keep every single technician in the working environment for an extra four hours a month using these video tutorials. Unlike more traditional courses, an Autodata Training course can be run whenever the technician wants and re-run as often as is needed with no cost incurred. We still find ourselves limited by the pandemic, whether that be attending training courses or accepting your full complement of vehicles. The Autodata Training courses remove the issue of physical interaction, reducing the potential for infection, and allowing technicians to remain at their workstations and benefitting from continued learning to allow the business to accept any vehicle that books in with them.

“With Autodata Training, all courses are in one place and once the user is subscribed there are no additional fees to consider.”

Technology in the industry is changing faster now that any other time since the motor vehicle was introduced. It’s imperative that technicians stay abreast of these developments to allow them to comfortably handle any vehicle that comes their way. The alternative is to turn work away. There’s nothing wrong with traditional courses. However, an online source of training can be viewed at any time and removes the physical and financial rigmarole associated with traditional training. Finding a course, booking travel, potential hotel, time away from the business, limiting bookings to take this into account. With Autodata Training, all courses are in one place and once the user is subscribed there are no additional fees to consider. The annual cost of a subscription is likely cheaper than one traditional course attendance.

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