Autel’s MaxiSYS range

Autel’s MaxiSYS range

PMM takes a look at the new additions and updates to Autel’s MaxiSYS range of diagnostic tools.

MaxiSYS tools can perform many procedures within the ECU using their OE-level functions. The tools are supplied with either wireless Bluetooth or dual WiFi connectivities, that allow the technician free movement during operation.

Thanks to this wireless connectivity, you can easily download the latest software updates and increase the performance of your diagnostic tool with ease.

The MaxiSYS line also includes functions that allow for the update of on-board vehicle modules, and data reprogramming for specific coding functions, which are used to configure the vehicles control unit (ECU).

MaxiSYS Ultra  

The all new MaxiSYS Ultra is the first diagnostic tool to be designed to match the growth of more complex automotive electrical systems and electric vehicles which are becoming more common place. The Ultra combines diagnostics, service, extensive live data, channel coding and ECU re-flashing. New to the Ultra is the MaxiFLASH VCMI with built-in oscilloscope, multimeter, signal generator and OBD bus check functions. The VCMI connects to the Ultra using high speed WiFi.


The four channel oscilloscope is faster with 20MHz bandwidth, more accurate with 80MS/s sampling data rate, and a 32M memory buffer that stores more complex signals, zoom and replay. The pre-set guided test and waveform library instructs technicians on use and fault analysis.

Waveform Generator

The waveform generator is used to test a sensor, an actuator, or an ECU without the need to replace them one by one to identify the fault. This is done by simulating signals of various sensors and ECUs, identifying hardware issues.


The professional multimeter will measure voltage, current, resistance, diode, frequency/period, duty cycle, connectivity and pulse width.

CAN Bus Check

The CAN bus check can quickly determine whether the OBD pins are functioning correctly.

Autel’s MaxiSYS range



The all new MaxiSYS MS909 is the firm’s replacement to the MS Elite and shares the same tablet hardware as the MS919. The MS909 does not include multipurpose VCMI, but instead is supplied with the standard MaxiFlash VCI with Enhanced Protocol Compatibility, which supports D-PDU, RP1210, CANFD. J2534 and DoIP protocols.

The MS909 combines diagnostics, service, extensive live data, channel coding and ECU re-flashing. The tool also has further programming options directly within the tool software itself (focusing on BMW and Mercedes). In addition, the MS909 has all new software specialist capabilities including repair assist, DTC analysis, topology mapping and relevant cases.

Autel’s MaxiSYS range


The brand new MaxiSYS MS906SPRO EU, is the replacement to the MS908s. Despite being a lower cost than the MS0908s, the MS906SPRO EU has all the software functionality of the MS908S, but also has the extra benefits on being DoIP and CAN-FD compatible. The MS906SPro also has some more advanced software functionality that will allow end user to access Autel remote expert. The MS906SPRO can be further optimised with ADAS software, making a true replacement for the MS908s. The MS906SPro is designed as a busy workshop tool.

Extensive Capabilities

  • Comprehensive diagnostics on 1996 and newer US, Asian and European vehicles
  • AutoScan: scan all available systems, including ADAS identification
  • Read/erase codes, view freeze frame and live data
  • Perform active tests (bi-directional controls), coding and adaptations
  • AutoVIN/Scan VIN for rapid vehicle identification
  • Perform ADAS (incl. Camera/s, Radar, LiDAR, Night Vision) systems calibrations when additional ADAS software is purchased
  • Wi-fi connectivity
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Online updates

Autel’s MaxiSYS range


The MaxiSYS MS906S EU is the ‘little brother’ to the MS906SPRO EU and is super powerful, offering a 20 second boot up. Built on the multitasking Android 4.4 operating system and with 64GB of internal memory, it has the power to scan vehicle systems quickly and efficiently.

Faster, lighter, better value and claiming to be more powerful than competitors, the all new PCB in the MS906S includes great features such as support for over 70 manufacturers, actuation testing, special functions, live data and some programming functions. The MS906S EU has a large 8 in. high resolution screen, Wi-fi, 8 Mega-pixel camera, 2GB RAM and a ‘best in class’ 64GB internal hard drive. With its built-in camera, you can take pictures of faulty parts for customers and email instantly.

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