Aisin extends the Advics brand

Aisin extends the Advics brand

Aisin has extended the use of the Advics brand name – known for its OE credentials – across the whole of its aftermarket braking product portfolio.

What began in 2021 was cemented at last year’s Automechanika show in Frankfurt: Advics was to be rolled out as the brand name under which Aisin will henceforth sell all its braking products. The new name (new to brakes, that is), the company hopes, will reinforce the link to OE-quality – what the company’s senior strategy manager for the aftermarket Bérenger Léonard calls “the OE power of our parent company”.

Bérenger elaborated on what the aftermarket can expect: “Aftermarket customers can be confident that they will get the same standard of OE quality parts and service that we give to our OE customers. Standing for advanced intelligent chassis systems, the Advics name has long been used across our OE business to denote power. With the proven quality of our aftermarket offer, we’ve taken the strategic decision to extend its use to cover our entire braking programme.”

“And it won’t end there,” Bérenger continues. “With constant investment in research and development, reengineering processes, product management and new to range, our aftermarket customers can expect the brand to continue to grow.”

The Advics brand was initially used in the aftermarket only for Aisin’s hydraulics programme and a limited range of first fitment brake pads. Moving forward, to denote a certain level of braking performance and quality control, Aisin brakes – including the entire brake pad programme, brake calipers, brake cylinders, brake boosters and wheel cylinders for European and Asian vehicles will be marketed under the Advics brand.

The business set the scene for this move in 2021 when it changed the whole aftermarket programme box design to reinforce the vision and the group’s market position. This was created in accordance with the common Aisin Group design language, and uses different coloured stripes to denote different series, making identification easier.

Aisin extends the Advics brand

New technologies for each market

At the same time, Aisin Europe introduced the concept of BlueStop Technology. This is a common name for a series of technologies, derived from Advics’ OE experience that allows the business to create product series with unique features and merits designed to meet specific customer demands around the globe.

Disc brake pads were the first to undergo this transformation and in 2021 a programme was introduced using a BlueStop platform with qualities unique to the environment in which they would be used. These include:

  •  Packed in a dark blue box with gold stripes, OE experience-based fine-tuned ceramic brake pads were introduced for the markets of Japan, North America, and Russia. These feature MicroStructure Control (MSC) and Ceramic Tribo Technology (CTT). The key merits of this range are premium feel and stable braking, minimal dust, and rotor wear with virtually zero noise and vibration.
  • Packed in a black box with red stripes, low steel brake pads were introduced to the Asian, European, and South American markets. These feature tough body structure (TBS), and matrix pad structure for strong consistent braking.

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