AA Garage Guide advises garages to offer customers a spring clean service

AA Garage Guide advises garages to offer customers a spring clean service

AA Garage Guide, the online search and booking site that puts quality first, recommends garages promote to motorists the importance of preparing their vehicles for the season ahead by booking their cars in for a spring clean service.

With the arrival of spring comes a significant increase in vehicle usage and motorists would be well advised to make sure they are up to date on their vehicle maintenance. Offering customers a ‘Spring Clean’ Service, including essentials such as a tune up and an oil change, as well as checking tyre pressure, is a great way to encourage motorists to book-in for regular maintenance.

AA Garage Guide Co-Founder, Lucy Burnford, said: “At AA Garage Guide, we strongly encourage garages to take proactive measures such as offering a ‘Spring Clean’ service, as they provide excellent touch points with customers and give the garage an opportunity to strengthen their customer service reputation.

“We want to work with the best UK garages: the ones that take the time to tailor offers and promote the benefits of regular car maintenance to their customers, whilst simultaneously delivering the highest levels of service to ensure vehicle safety and warranty-compliance.”

Having recently reported that its garage network has exceeded 2,000, the AA are now promoting the AA Garage Guide to its 4 million members, presenting registered workshops to an audience of customers for whom the quality of service received is their primary consideration.

It is this focus on quality which makes AA Garage Guide the perfect platform for garages which pride themselves on delivering excellent service, by trained professionals, and making sure that their customers’ vehicles are well-prepared for any seasonal motoring issues.

To find out more about the benefits of showcasing your business to the millions of AA members should click here. There are no subscription fees, just a flat administration fee per confirmed booking, which means garages only pay for the business that AA Garage Guide generates on their behalf.

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