A Company with a Vision
A Company with a Vision

A Company with a Vision

Elta Automotive is an independent, family-owned business, which was formed in 1993 by Chairman, Martin Bates. From humble beginnings, the company has navigated its 25 years in the aftermarket with much success, culminating in the recent proud unveiling of its very own brands: ELTA VISIONPRO and VXPRO. PMM reports from the official launch.

Claimed to be launched as a direct response to the changing face of the aftermarket, and positioned to provide the solution for the needs of independent garages that are having to adapt and evolve in order to compete in this developing landscape, the VISIONPRO and VXPRO ranges give technicians the weapons they need in their armoury, says Elta. The combined offering is said to be one of premium quality, yet it is positioned at a price point more reflective of the current market conditions. The company says the product range also meets garages’need for a broad range of products under a single, consistent brand image, sourced from a single supplier.

The two product groups naturally reflect the core specialisms developed by Elta during its first 25 years in business, with the aim of adding further credibility and instilling confidence to the market.

PRO product features

Both product groups are tested throughout their manufacturing process and at Elta’s own test facility, to ensure like-for-like performance characteristics compared with OE equivalents.

VISIONPRO bulbs, for instance, are subject to meticulous testing procedures, including light flux (brightness), chromaticity (colour), lifespan, geometric measurement, vibration, shock and paint/finish. Elta says its existing customers have liked the three-year warranty it introduced on its Lucas Electrical offering, so the company has taken the next step when it comes to the VXPRO range.

All VXPRO products come with a five- year ‘no quibble’ warranty (excluding labour and limited life products, such as brake wear sensors that are designed to destruct when triggered), which reflects the company’s confidence in the quality of its products.

In terms of the packaging, VISIONPRO bulb and wiper packaging features high grade mat laminated card. Bulbs are available in a range of package types to suite specific customer requirements. VXPRO packaging also features premium print finishing, hologram stickers for authenticity, QR codes linked to technical sheets and magnetically shielded sealing bags inside the box to protect more sensitive electronics.


Engine management – including air mass meters, EGR valves, cam/crank sensors, lambda sensors, throttle bodies, throttle potentiometers, knock sensors, exhaust gas temperature sensors, idle air control valves, MAP sensors, oil level sensors and temperature switches

Fuelling components – including fuel pumps, swirl pots and sender modules

Ignition components – including ignition coils, HT leads, and traditional ignition components

Vehicle management – including ABS sensors, brake wear sensors, power steering sensors, parking sensors, heater control valves, brake/reversing light switches

Window lift regulators – including individual mechanisms and motors, mechanism/motor combinations and manual kits

To find out more about the new brands launched by Elta Automotive, click here.  

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