The Future of the Service: Plug, Scan & Check
The Future of the Service: Plug, Scan & Check

The Future of the Service: Plug, Scan & Check

In today’s connected world it would appear price isn’t always the deciding factor when it comes to where drivers service their vehicle. A recent AA-Populus poll found that a whopping 37% of motorists would pay more to use a garage they trusted. But what does this trust look like and more importantly, how can it be earned? DENSO believes it has found a solution; by offering customers the opportunity to be at the centre of their service.

The DENSO e-Videns tool guides vehicle owners and mechanics through a comprehensive vehicle health check (VHC) which includes a Driver Interview, System Scan, Visual Inspection (Walk Around) and, for the first time, a complete engine health check.

Engine Health Check

The engine health check is said to be the first of its kind to be avaliable to workshops and their customers. The e-Videns tool monitors live data from a running engine and instantly compares it to reference parameters to reveal ‘hidden’ engine problems or pre-empt issues which may occur, presenting workshops with instant up-selling opportunities.

Below DENSO takes you on a journey through the e-Videns service, offering a glimpse into the future of vehicle services:

Step 1 – The Questionnaire

Your driver arrives, and immediately has some thoughts on the areas of their vehicle which may need addressing. So ensues an (optional) driver interview which a mechanic or receptionist can begin with pre-loaded, friendly questions loaded onto a tablet. This is a great starting place as no only does it immediately flag potential problems to mechanics, but it is also the first step in putting the customer at the centre of their VHC.

Step 2 – The Vehicle Scan

Now the service can begin in earnest. The mechanic simply plugs in the e-Videns tool into a vehicle’s OBD port. A full vehicle scan will commence, and all vehicle systems are checked for error codes. Technicians can follow the scan remotely as all information is communicated to tablets via Bluetooth.

Step 3 – The Walkaround

Once the vehicle has been scanned, mechanics then have the opportunity to invite customers to walk around the car, offering them a thorough visual inspection and explaining any of the error codes discovered during the vehicle scan. Drivers are guided through a thorough checklist – adding complete transparency on any vehicle work needed.

Step 4 – The Engine Check

A world-first for workshops, the e-Videns tool uses unique reference data to monitor and compare live data from a running engine. This can identify and pre-empts errors, and currently covers 85% of petrol and diesel cars manufactured between 2005 and 2014. The information is wired directly to a tablet, but it is also linked to DENSO’s cloud storage for easy access.

Step 5 – The Report

Once all checks have been completed a simple digestible report is generated for the driver, and one that is also accessible through the cloud should a customer want to mull over the findings. This is the final step in building trust – giving drivers an understandable report of work which needs doing, and building trust.

Boosting Efficiency

Workshop efficiency is at the core of the e-Videns VHC. Aside from being a time-saving method of carrying out a vehicle health check, the tool requires little or no additional skillset to use so larger workshops can deploy a junior mechanic to carry out a test, providing valuable data to the skilled mechanic.

Martin Pring, Region Manager for DENSO Aftermarket UK & IE, commented: “It’s common knowledge that engine faults often turn out to be the biggest costs on a driver’s service bill, and even more so if the problems aren’t dealt with immediately.

“With the e-Videns test, mechanics can uncover issues under the bonnet before they cause further damage. Once a fault is identified, the tool puts the necessary information at the fingertips of the mechanic, helping the vehicle owner to make an informed decision as quickly as possible.

“Putting customers at the centre of their vehicle’s health check will increase their workshop’s performance whilst also giving them up-sale opportunities thanks to the detailed insights the e-Videns report offers.”

If transparency and trust were once seemingly unobtainable for workshops, DENSO e-Videns is helping workshops build it using connected technology and innovation.


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