IMI ‘Driving Change’ – Innovation


The IMI and ITN Productions have partnered together to produce a news-style programme entitled ‘Driving Change’, which looks at new technologies, flourishing career opportunities and the desire to move towards a fully licensed and regulated industry.

The film, hosted by newsreader and presenter Natasha Kaplinksy, explores four key areas of the motor industry:

  • Business Opportunities
  • Synchronising with Customers
  • Powering the Future
  • Innovation

Organisations and companies from the automotive industry were approached by the IMI to help put the film together.


The automotive industry is experiencing rapid change, driven by the need for safer, greener, and more efficient cars. ‘Driving Change – Innovations’ explores the technologies that are changing how cars are designed, manufactured, repaired and maintained.

The programme features special reports on electric and autonomous vehicles, including an interview with Transport Minister, Andrew Jones, about the Government’s stated commitment to becoming a world leader in this area.

Seven sponsored news-style reports feature in ‘Driving Change – Innovation’:

For more information from The Institute of the Motor Industry, click here.

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