WD-40 outlines latest lubricant offering

WD-40 outlines latest lubricant offering

It can often be difficult to get access to a stubborn brake bleeder screw. In this situation, it helps to have a lubricant product designed specifically for this sort of problem. WD-40 explains…

While stating the obvious, the exposed position of a car’s brakes means that they will inevitably suffer from general grime/filth that builds up and unavoidably creates problems, notably seizing the variety of bolts that need to be targeted when servicing calipers and/or replacing pads.

Integral to ensuring brakes are safely working as the manufacturer intended, is to go through the bleeding process – something that can only be achieved if a bleed nipple screw works.

Before even picking up a spanner, the obvious start to the process is to target any such bolt or screw with a lubricant spray, such as WD-40 Multi-Use Product. This invariably works wonders in maintaining and freeing up seized items without the use of brute force, which can result in damaged or rounded screws.

The challenge with bleeding brakes is that the bleed nipple screw is often seized, too much force and ‘Boom!’, you have a snapped bleed nipple screw causing more work and downtime. WD-40 Flexible allows precise application in the hard-to-reach areas of a vehicle, such as the brake callipers.

Gaining access to the bleed screws in order to apply some solution to help un-seize them can be a challenge, especially with the wheels on. Using a solution like WD-40 Flexible – a relatively recent addition to the company’s range – might be the answer for any technician struggling with this particular problem. The evolution of the traditional red straw that has been taped to cans for years, WD-40 Flexible is a hardwearing, heat resistant, pliable ‘straw’ that maintains its ability to feed the lubricant to exactly the right spot even if curved round tight bends. In this case, if the bleed screw can be seen, Flexible’s straw can be weaved through a wheel and guided into a position where a simple dab of the trigger will ensure the target is dowsed in enough solution.

For those who still cannot reach the target with the Flexible straw, the product has a ‘Spray 2 Ways’ feature that, with a simple flip down of the Flexible straw, turns the precise flow to a more spray-like distribution designed to cover larger areas. Its 360° valve also ensures that users can administer the lubricant when the cannister is held upside down.

To find out more about WD-40 Flexible, click here.

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