Oil replacement – how to increase sales

Oil replacement – how to increase sales

Service spells success

As some technicians continue to miss sales opportunities associated with oil replacement, LIQUI MOLY tells you how you can rectify this situation.

Business for garages is becoming more and more demanding. Where cars had to change oil every 3,000 miles in the past, nowadays it can be up to 30,000 miles. As a result, the garage has to find new ways to generate additional turnover. The demands of today’s market means that you have to adjust your business model; changing from a mere repair shop to a modern service provider. Although this sounds rather theoretical, it can easily be brought to life.

Two contrasting examples

1. Imagine a car driver has come to the garage for his regular oil change. A traditional workshop completes the oil change, gets the money and hopes the customer will return next time. The customer is not unhappy with the service, but he could just as easily try another garage next time because an oil change is not a very distinctive service. In fact a ‘rival’ garage may well offer the same at an even lower price.

2. Now imagine another car owner arriving at a different garage. He asks for an oil change, too. The mechanic sees that the car already has some mileage, so he recommends the customer also has the engine’s interior cleaned with a quality additive to get rid of deposits and contaminants.
After this, the mechanic explains, the combustion will work properly again, the new motor oil will be able to deliver its maximum performance in a clean environment, the fuel consumption will be reduced and the engine will be less likely to experience a break-down.

He then offers to put an additive – such as LIQUI MOLY Cera Tec – into the new motor oil, explaining that this particular additive reduces friction and protects the engine from wear. Finally the mechanic suggests that the customer considers an extra bottle of one litre motor oil that can be kept in the car, stating that every car needs a special kind of lubricant.

When you’re on the road, he says to the car driver, and the oil-level warning lamp is flashing, it is often difficult to get the right motor oil on the spot. Either it is not available at the next fuel station or they do offer it, but at very high prices. So it would be reassuring and cheaper to have the right refill oil with you. And should it not be needed, it can be used for the next oil change, he adds.

Spot the difference?

Have you worked out the difference between these two examples? The mechanic in the second scenario not only sells an oil change but also an engine cleaning service, an additive treatment and an extra litre of motor oil. He has multiplied his income by simply investing more of his knowledge than his time. And what is the difference for the car driver? He feels that this garage not only does a standard job, but really takes care of his car. It runs smoother now, starts up easier and even consumes a little less fuel. LIQUI MOLY offers a wide range (some 4,000 items) of high-quality products such as motor oils, additives, vehicle care and service products.

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