Key reprogramming – various Audi models

Key reprogramming – various Audi models

Product: AVDI & ABRITES VAG Commanders from KAPdiagnostics

Did you know that most modern VAG vehicles require a transponder which is pre-coded with the VIN number from a dealer? That component protection is 7 bytes of hex code placed in the ECU, instrument cluster and dealer key. So, to make a new key you need to retrieve this data.

Programming an Audi A3 2006 key
This process will show you how to crack the code:
1. Once you have access to the ignition, place the MEGAMOS 48 transponder into the key;
2. Now turn on the ignition – the dash should indicate the car is locked;
3. Then connect the TAG programmer to the AVDI;
4. Connect the AVDI to your computer via the USB port;
5. Now place the TAG programmer over the transponder key;
6. Boot up the ABRITES VAG Commander;
7. Go to special functions and select ‘key learning’;
8. Select the correct car model (in this case the Audi A3);
9. Now press ‘Autodetect Login/Security Code’ and select the correct transponder type;
10. Next press ‘program dealer key’ and select the correct transponder type;
11. To find the 7th byte, press ‘program’ and it will then scan up to 255 channels;
12. When the 7th byte is found, the data is locked into the transponder;
13. The dealer key transponder is now made;
14. Following selection of ‘Autodetect Login/Security Code’ (step 9), you will already have the PIN code – just enter how many keys you need to program and press the ‘LEARN’ button;
15. They key is now recognised – job done!

New function update- Component Protection Manager!
As part of the security strategy, some parts of the modules built into VAG vehicles implement so called “component protection”. This is a mechanism designed to prevent exchange of modules between different vehicles without central authorisation from the VAG online database.

Such modules built into other vehicles activate the “component protection active” DTC and are with restricted functionality when done so. This special function aims to alleviate this issue by allowing removal of this “component protection active” trouble code, ensuring the module works with its full functionality.

Component security is not implemented in all VAG vehicles – the first vehicles utilising component protection are Audi models A4/A5/Q6/A7/A8/Q5/Q7/Allroad.

The special function currently works on:

Audi A6/Q7/Allroad 2004-2008
The customer is able to adapt completely by use of OBDII without any restrictions over the component protection for the airbag, instrument cluster, comfort module and EZS-Kessy. For the remaining modules that have a component protection (e.g. DSP, Climate Control) the customer can only adapt the component protection if they have the Gateway EEPROM dump from the car from which the replacement module is taken.

Audi A4/A5/Q7 2007+
The customer is able to adapt the instrument cluster.

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