How to safely compress suspension springs

How to safely compress suspension springs

Have you ever been compressing suspension springs, ready for replacing, and thought: ‘What if the spring jumps out of place!?’…. ‘Ouch’ springs to mind rather swiftly, but that need not even be a factor if the right equipment is used.

Here at Sealey Tools we realised that springs slipping out of a compressor yoke’s grip was a risk that all technicians took when performing this common task. Therefore we wanted to reduce the probability of any kind of accident that could cause harm to the user.

The solution

Having taken the decision to look into – and design – a protective addition to two of our most popular Spring Compressors (RE231 and RE232), the RS23RS Coil Spring Compressor Restraint System has emerged. Designed for use with the aforementioned spring compressor units, the new system can be quickly installed and is fast and simple to operate.

So how does it work?

A simple, but highly effective steel cage is attached to the vertical upright of the compressing station….

It is then lowered in a controlled, but swift movement,  around the compression area, which is where the springs sits in the jaws/yoke, as it is being compressed from either end…

This cage is joined by a protective chain, which you thread around the spring just in case it gets past the cage – however, this is highly unlikely.

Both these features are there to stop and catch the spring, but also to protect the user in case the spring slips from the grip of the compressor yokes at any time during the procedure. They will stop it from flying at speed into the operator or across the workshop.

Patented and exclusive to Sealey Tools, we believe this is a ‘must-have’ addition when purchasing either of our Spring Compressing Stations.

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