How to perform a DSG gearbox filter and oil change

How to perform a DSG gearbox filter and oil change

Before you start this procedure, make sure that the engine (pictured below) is properly switched off. Place the oil-collecting tray underneath the transmission and leave this in place until the end of the procedure. Slowly remove the filter housing, remembering to tip the filter slightly in its seating before removal from the transmission as this will allow oil to flow back into the transmission.

After you have inserted filter with shoulder downwards (pictured below), tighten the housing to 20 Nm. Raise vehicle (with wheels not touching any surface), remove the noise insulation tray and remove inspection plug “A”, located near the pendulum support.

A black plastic overflow tube (pictured below, left) is located in the hole marked “A” (pictured below, right – its length determines the oil level in the transmission (with an 8mm hex socket head, the torque specification is 3 Nm). Remove this oil tube and you will notice that around 5 litres of oil will drain as a result. Reinstall the overflow tube (torqueing to 3 Nm) and attach the febi DSG oil filling tool (hand tighten) to drain/fill the hole (“A”).


Make sure you shake the oil containers before opening. For a complete oil and filter change, you will require 5.5 litres of DSG oil (pictured below). To change bottles, the shut-off valve can be closed or the oil filling tool (T028811) can be held higher than the transmission. Now start the engine, press the brake and shift into each selector lever position for approximately three seconds. Place lever in position ‘P’ again.

At this stage do not switch off the engine. Wait until the DSG oil temperature reaches between 35°– 45°C before disconnecting the febi DSG filling tool. Proceed with caution as the engine will be running and the oil will subsequently be hot.

Completing the procedure
Let any excess oil drain. As soon as the oil has run out (it begins to drip), install the bolt with the new seal this has a tightening torque of 45 Nm. Turn off the engine before disposing of the oil in an appropriate and safe manner. Your filter and oil change should now be complete.

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