How do you configure replacement batteries?

How do you configure replacement batteries?

With the introduction of new CO2 production control systems such as smart charging and Idle Start/Stop (ISS) it is essential that the vehicle has the correct battery type and specification installed.

An increasing number of VMs have introduced systems that now require a replacement battery to be correctly configured to the vehicle after installation.

Failure to configure the correct specification battery could result in:
■ Undercharging or overcharging of the battery, resulting in damage which is not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty;
■ Loss of the ISS CO2 production control system functionality;
■ Possible loss of non-critical vehicle system functions. 

Battery configuration prevents incorrect battery charging, ensures the correct operation of the ISS CO2 production control system and prevents the loss of non-critical vehicle systems.

The Yu-Fit configuration tool
The Yuasa Yu-Fit battery configuration tool allows the configuration process to be carried out on a growing number of vehicles equipped with new technology smart charge and ISS systems.

The configuration process informs the vehicle that a new battery has been installed, informs the charging system of the new battery characteristics, and ensures the vehicle uses the correct charging parameters for the new battery.

Registration, navigation and connection
Before you can use the Yuasa Yu-Fit battery configuration tool it must be registered. To register you must first download the Yu-Fit application suite using the link at the foot of the Yuasa Workshop battery finder web site located at

Once the application suite has been successfully installed, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the registration process. When registered, the user can take advantage of product and technical updates via email as well as notification of application updates for the Yu-Fit.

Navigation around the OLED display screen is controlled using the multi-functional key pad and, once the vehicle battery has been replaced, the Yu-Fit battery configuration tool should be connected to the vehicle via the 16 pin J1962 EOBD diagnostic plug.


When the Yu-Fit is connected to the vehicle the Main Menu screen will be displayed. 
Using the keypad arrows, navigate to the DIAGNOSTICS icon and confirm with OK.
Select the BATTERY MANAGEMENT icon and confirm with OK.
Select VEHICLE SELECTION and press OK.
Select the appropriate VM from the SELECT MANUFACTURER menu and confirm with OK.
Wait for the vehicle selection to be accepted, switch on the vehicle ignition and press OK.
Select the REPLACE BATTERY function and confirm with OK.

Select the VALIDATE BATTERY option from the SELECT FUNCTION menu, confirm with OK and wait for the function to initialise. Select and confirm the correct battery data with OK.

Wait for any fault codes to be cleared and conformation that the battery configuration process has been successfully concluded before turning OFF the ignition and disconnecting the Yu-Fit from the vehicle.

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