Equipped for ADAS

Equipped for ADAS

Intervehicle communication in the current generation of passenger cars is now as standard as four wheels and a steering wheel, so the ability to diagnose faults within the vehicle’s electrical systems has become a basic requirement for all workshops, argues Hella Gutmann Solutions (HGS).

Garages would be wise to invest in the diagnostic tools that allow them to undertake not just the service and repair work they face on a daily basis, but also the technological advances that are just around the corner.

One area that is already well and truly in view is advanced driver assist systems (ADAS) technology, which in the form of blind spot alert, autonomous emergency braking and lane departure warning, to name just three, are present in a huge number of vehicles already.

“Although the term ‘diagnostics’ has traditionally been used in connection with engine-related matters,” explains Neil Hilton, Head of Business Development for HGS, “this is simply not the case when it comes to modern vehicle design, where every system within it is electrically connected and in symbiotic relationship with the individual components that make up the others. As a result, fault codes now encompass all the systems, whether engine management, emissions, comfort or safety – which is where the ADAS functions sit. Therefore, while familiar issues with air mass sensors or EGR valves will continue to be problems that need to be resolved, so will matters related to these less familiar areas within the vehicle’s electrical systems.

“None of these issues need be a problem to the independent, however, as they have the skills to carry out the repair, and with supply partners such as HGS, they have access to the replacement parts they require. The missing link though, is the equipment necessary to pinpoint or diagnose the fault, in order for them to undertake the work. The growth in ADAS equipped vehicles should be looked at as an opportunity for the independent, as investment in this area allows them to compete on level terms with the franchised dealer when it comes to the service they provide, but at significantly lower cost.

“The entire HGS mega macs range is automatically loaded with the software necessary, not only to diagnose these wider, non-engine related issues, but also to recalibrate the cameras and radars on which these systems rely.”

With the launch of the top-of-the-range mega macs 77, HGS brings workshops a huge advance in capability and paves the way for even faster workshop processes. Just like its predecessor, the mega macs 66, this new model sets clear standards for the future. Its prominent features include high-speed reading and fault code interpretation, precise measurements with multimeter/oscilloscope, interactive coloured wiring diagrams, an extra-large 15.6” full-HD touchscreen and a wireless charging docking station, which is interconnected via Ethernet.

“The combination of these technical innovations and the well-known strong points of the mega macs software, coupled with real-time repair instructions, allows workshops to manage the diagnostic/repair process even more efficiently. In a nutshell, the HGS mega macs 77 allows fault code diagnosis to be made faster and more reliably than ever before, which makes this new diagnostic device the ideal tool for all workshops, regardless of size and specialisation,” concludes Hilton.

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