Engine Cranks But Fails to Start – Citroën DS4

Engine Cranks But Fails to Start – Citroën DS4

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Engine cranks but fails to start – Citroën DS4


We have a 2011 Citroën DS4 2,0 HDi in the workshop that has a non start issue. The vehicle was running when it arrived to us but was cutting out and now it cranks but will not start. There are several trouble codes in the engine control module fault memory that relate to the fuel system. Have you any ideas where to start to fix this car?


The symptoms you describe are known to affect the DS4 with RHE (DW10CTED4) engine code and it is due to the fuel rail pressure (FRP) sensor being faulty. Carry out electrical, mechanical and component tests (as applicable) to eliminate any other possible cause(s). If no fault(s) are found, renew fuel rail pressure (FRP) sensor (Fig. 1.1). This should rectify the fault.

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