Dayco replaces Ford Focus timing belt

Dayco replaces Ford Focus timing belt

The technical team at Dayco details how to replace the timing belt on a Ford Focus II 1.6L TDCi using the KTBWP9140 Dayco Kit.

As replacing the timing belt requires the removal of the auxiliary belt, Dayco recommends that in addition to replacing all of the primary system’s components, technicians check and change the auxiliary components at the same time if necessary.


As with all primary drive system jobs, always check the timing marks before removing the timing belt and ensure that the work is undertaken when the engine is cold – ideally, the vehicle will not have been run for at least four hours. Also rotate the engine solely via the crankshaft pulley and in its correct direction of rotation – neither the crankshaft nor camshaft should be rotated completely with the timing belt removed.

Unplug the connector to the electric radiator fan, and, after making a note of the radio code, disconnect the battery. Remove the cowling from within the front wheel arch of the driver’s side to expose the auxiliary belt system. Then, slacken the auxiliary belt tensioner with a spanner, and hold the tensioner in position with a suitable 6mm diameter pin (Fig 1/main image) in order to take off the belt. Remove the tensioner, followed by the damper pulley, but refit the bolt to enable the engine to be rotated to locate the timing marks.

Disconnect the RPM sensor plug and remove the lower screws of the timing case. From above, move the coolant reservoir to one side to gain access to the engine mount, which, once the engine has been suitably supported from below, needs to be removed along with the engine mount flange. Then remove the upper half of the timing case, which allows the bottom half to be removed and exposes the timing drive system.

Rotate the crankshaft so that the hole in the pulley for locking tool 303-734 is at 12 o’clock (Fig 2).

Dayco replaces Ford Focus timing belt Then insert the pin. Following this, insert locking pin 303-732 through the pulley of the fuel pump, followed by the camshaft locking pin 303-735 in the hole at 10 o’clock, to lock the camshaft pulley in its timing position. The crankshaft timing must be carried out with locking pin 303-732 also inserted into a hole in the engine block (Fig 3).

Dayco replaces Ford Focus timing belt

Detach the RPM sensor and the timing belt guide. Loosen and remove the bolt and the timing belt tensioner, followed by the timing belt. Replace the idler with the new one from the Dayco kit KTBWP9140 and tighten the nut to 35Nm.

Now remove the water pump, and, ensuring that the cooling system has been flushed through and no debris is present, install the new Dayco water pump, complete with its seal, but without any sealing compound.

Attach the new tensioner from the kit, taking care to position the slot between the lug on the block as shown (Fig 4). While observing its direction of rotating arrows, install the new HT timing belt, starting at the crankshaft pulley, with its slack section facing the tensioner.

Dayco replaces Ford Focus timing belt

Remove the pin for the tensioner and, using an Allen key, rotate the tensioner anticlockwise to tension the belt correctly, before tightening the bolt to 25Nm. After removing all of the locking tools, rotate the engine through 12 complete revolutions and check the timing. The correct belt tension has been achieved if the tensioner is still positioned as indicated (Fig 5). Repeat the process if necessary.

Refit all of the components in their reverse order, but check the crankshaft pulley and replace if necessary, using Dayco DPV1068; the fastener for this should be tightened to 30Nm and 180, and the auxiliary belt tensioner APV1076 should also be used. However, Dayco recommends that the auxiliary belt 6PK975 is always replaced.

Finally, refill the cooling system, start the engine, and check for leaks. Ensure that the radiator fan is operating correctly. Then, once the engine is cold, recheck the fluid levels.

For more installation guides and advice, click here.

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