Changing DCT 450 automatic transmission oil

Changing DCT 450 automatic transmission oil

With the help of the MEYLE TV professionals, changing the oil for a DCT 450 automatic transmission is no problem at all.

Transmission oil undergoes a natural ageing process as the oil wears out and the additives diminish over time. Naturally, this means that there is a need for oil changes for both manual and automatic transmissions in order to prevent damage to the transmission and maintain transmission function and driving comfort.

MEYLE acknowledged the fact that changing oil can be tricky and therefore offers easy oil change solutions. Consequently, the spare parts manufacturer has produced over 60 oil change kits, which include the components required for an oil change: filters, seals, screws, drain/intake plugs, magnets and the amount of transmission oil the application calls for.

MEYLE even demonstrates how easy it is, performing the oil change for DCT 450. Please note that this information is intended for use by trained professionals. It offers a simplified overview and does not describe the full process. The vehicle manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions should be read and followed carefully, and they always take precedence over the general process shown here.

Step-by-step guidance

  • Switch through all the gears and hold each gear selection for at least 20 seconds. Read out the fault memory and store the data. This might help at a later stage to check if a fault was already present before the oil change
  • Jack up the car and remove the undertray

Undo the drain plugs and let the gearbox oil drain out. Attention: Depending on the model year, two or three drain plugs can be installed.

  • Check the drain plugs for damage and replace if necessary. Tighten them to 43Nm
  • Now, undo the filter housing carefully and take it off
  • The new filter housing needs to be filled with gearbox oil prior to installation. Place the new filter in the new filter housing, then fill the housing with supplied gearbox oil. Lightly oil the new O-ring with the supplied gearbox oil prior to installation
  • Screw the new filter housing with the new filter onto the filter console by hand until resistance is felt (Fig 1). In order to gain better access, the front-left wheel housing might need to be removed

Changing DCT 450 automatic transmission oil

  • Tighten the oil filter housing with 15Nm. Do not exceed this torque value. Attention: Overtightening the filter housing may cause cracks in the oil filter console and often causes oil leaks
  • Take out the oil level control plug. The plug is located next to the drive shaft
  • Remove air filter housing and take out the oil filling plug. It’s important to note that due to the two-chamber layout inside the gearbox, only pour the gearbox oil through the top filling opening. Filling oil through the control plug may cause severe oil starvation and could even lead to substantial gearbox damage!
  • Fill using the supplied gearbox oil until the oil exits the oil level control screw opening (Fig 2)

Changing DCT 450 automatic transmission oil

  • Tighten the oil filling plug and the oil level control plug to 43Nm
  • Reinstall the air filter housing and connect a diagnostic tool. Then, start the engine
  • Switch through all the gears and hold each gear selection for approximately 20 seconds. Read out the gearbox oil temperature. The temperature should reach a value between 35 and 45°C
  • Switch off the engine and recheck the oil level (refer to point 8 and 9). Top up the gearbox oil if necessary
  • The oil change is complete. Reinstall the parts in reverse order and carry out a test drive. Read out the fault memory and erase if necessary

To watch the complete video tutorial on Meyle’s YouTube channel, click here.

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