Autodata shares a fix on a Jaguar E-Pace

Autodata shares a fix on a Jaguar E-Pace

In this regular column, Autodata’s Technical Team share their fixes to common problems raised through Autodata’s technical helpline, available to all UK customers.

Jaguar E-Pace fluid leak and abnormal noise from transmission


A customer has brought in a 2017 EPace, reporting an abnormal noise from the transmission while driving as well as gears not shifting smoothly. In the workshop we have also noticed fluid puddling around the transmission area. Do you have any idea where start with the diagnosis?


Yes, this affects the Jaguar E-Pace from 2017-2018 and is caused by damage to the transmission oil gallery plate gasket during assembly. For the fix, you will need transmission retaining bolts, transmission oil gallery plate gasket, and automatic transmission fluid. First, remove and discard the transmission oil gallery plate gasket and retaining bolts. Next, thoroughly clean all mating surfaces, and then fit the new transmission oil gallery plate gasket. Refit the transmission oil gallery plate using new retaining bolts with a tightening torque of 10Nm. Make sure to observe the correct bolt tightening sequence (Fig 1). Finally, top up the automatic transmission fluid to the correct level.

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