Autodata examines key fault

Autodata examines key fault

In this regular column, Autodata’s Technical Team share their fixes to common problems raised through Autodata’s technical helpline, available to all UK customers.

2017 Jaguar E-Pace erratic operation of keyless entry/start system and warning message ‘smart key not found’ displayed.


We are having difficulty diagnosing a fault with the keyless entry/start system on a 2017 Jaguar E-Pace. Intermittently the customer is unable to lock/unlock the vehicle using the keyless entry/start system. No trouble codes are stored, remote control battery has been replaced and basic wiring checks to the keyless entry/start system control unit are OK. We are hesitant to replace any components in case a software update will fix the fault. Can you help?


I have consulted with my colleagues on this issue and they do remember a previous report. The fault you have described affects Jaguar E-Pace models 2017 onwards and is caused by a faulty remote control signal receiver. Inspect the remote control signal aerial lead for damage. If no damage is found, fit a new remote control signal receiver. Ensure the remote control signal aerial lead is routed correctly as shown. This should rectify the fault.

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