ABS Warning Lamp Illuminated

ABS Warning Lamp Illuminated

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ABS warning lamp illuminated on a Jaguar XE


A customer brought in their 2016 Jaguar XE to us with the ABS warning lamp illuminated, and the trouble codes C0031 and C0034 stored in the ABS control module fault memory. We replaced both of the front ABS wheel speed sensors and the vehicle was okay for a while, but it has now returned to the workshop with the same trouble codes. Are you aware of any other possible causes before we replace the ABS wheel speed sensors again?


We have heard of the issue you have described and it affects all Jaguar XE models produced between 2016 and 18. The cause is water ingress into the front ABS wheel speed sensor due to water build up. To prevent water build up in the front brake back plate, a water drain hole will need to be drilled in an exact location on the rear of the front brake back plate. Use an alignment tool to ensure that the water drain hole is made in the correct position (see above). Use a 6mm drill to make the drain hole, and ensure that the drill protrudes no more than 64mm from the drill chuck. Fit a new front ABS wheel speed sensor and repeat the procedure for the opposite side. This should rectify the fault.

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