Lucas Oil – Dual Fuel Fix

Lucas Oil – Dual Fuel Fix

Lucas Oil is urging garages to take advantage of a Dual Fuel Fix that makes a big difference on ignition and exhaust systems, while increasing sales revenues.

Upper Cylinder Lubricant (UCL) is the fuel additive that delivers better ignition and increases power. Once added to diesel or petrol tanks, it improves ignition, increases power and helps to ensure that vehicles close to emission limits at MOT time will earn their pass certificates.

UCL does this by flushing away the tars and lacquers that build up inside the engine and, eventually, lead to clogged-up injectors. UCL improves the ‘burn’ and helps keep engines cleaner, so that they can deliver the power they are capable of achieving at a lower emissions level.

A cleaner engine results in better response and increased power. It is a benefit that customers can experience as soon as they drive off the forecourt.

The Dual Fuel Fix is also a shelf-space saving solution that mechanics and motorists will find useful to have around.

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