Linwork – Universal cableset for tow bar installers

Linwork – Universal cableset for tow bar installers

When a workshop installs a tow bar on a vehicle they will need to hook up the car electronics (taillights, stoplight, indicators light fog light etc.) to the connector that sits underneath the car bumper and receives the trailer/caravan connector.

Linkwork is coming out with a universal wiring kit that contains an e-module that can be programmed by an android phone that will solve all potential electronic issues such as CANBUS, multiplex, fog light, parking sensors, low voltage LED trailer lights, etc.

The universal cable set with an electronic module that has an integrated computer chip that will avoid electronic problems with the car. This computer chip is built into an electronic module (the e-module) and handles the potential car electronics issues when connecting a trailer or caravan.

If the car has a multiplex system, CANBUS system, parking distance control (PDC) sensors, low voltage LED lights, this e-module will flawlessly integrate the trailer/caravan system into the vehicle system.

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