Laser Tools outlines their voltage tester

Laser Tools outlines their voltage tester

The Laser Tools 8599 voltage tester features a backlit LCD display, ensuring easy readability even in poor lighting conditions. Specifically designed for direct current (DC) systems, it is suitable for use on 3-to- 60-volt systems, making it an essential tool for automotive professionals.

With this tester, you can perform measurements, as any reverse-polarity, over-voltage, or connection to an alternating current (AC) system is instantly detected and displayed as an error on the backlit LCD display. The associated error code allows for quick identification of issues, ensuring efficient troubleshooting. The voltage tester offers a wide range of applications:

  • Measure voltage drop across a circuit to identify poor earth points or switches with high resistance.
  • Measure voltages at points along the circuit while it is loaded to identify breakages or high resistances.
  • Perform all functions that can be done with a voltmeter set on volts. The tester provides red or blue indicators instead of negative or positive signs, simplifying polarity identification.

TopTip: It is important to remember to repair punctured wires using insulation tape or liquid insulation after testing to ensure safety and proper functionality.

Laser Tools outlines their voltage tester

Please note: The tester should not be connected in-line within a circuit where the current (amperage) flows through it, as this can cause damage.

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