Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel Locking Tool

Flywheel locking tool from Laser Tools.

Locking the crankshaft is an essential job when carrying out maintenance and repair tasks on modern engines. Often, when the engine has been removed from the vehicle and the gearbox separated, there is no easy way to lock the crankshaft. The new Laser Tools flywheel locking tool (part number 7511) allows the user to quickly and simply lock the flywheel via the ring gear when the engine has been separated from the gearbox.

This is a multi-application tool that is designed to fit a wide range of engines. It is claimed to be easy to adjust and lock in position, bolting onto a convenient bell housing hole. The tool is supplied with M10 and M12 mounting bolts for securing to the bell housing hole, and a selection of spacers to align the tool correctly to the ring gear.

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