Copper Free Brake Pad Range From Delphi

Copper Free Brake Pad Range From Delphi

The environmentally friendly brake pads cover 95% of European and Asian car parc applications and can reduce brake pad wear by more than 30%

Delphi Product & Service Solutions has launched its OE-quality, copper-free brake pad range nine years ahead of 2025 legislation to reduce copper materials in braking components to just 0.5%. The new formulas offer improved brake fade performance for increased safety with excellent feel and refinement. Its range of copper-free brakes offers 95% car parc coverage of European and Asian applications.

“Copper is generally used as a performance enhancer in braking and can’t be easily replaced, so you need to re-engineer the entire friction material,” explains Chad Smith vice president, Delphi Product & Service Solutions, EMEA. “We engineered the new copper-free friction formulas to provide a more stable friction coefficient over varying conditions. This helps increase the confidence a driver has in a vehicle’s braking; we have also reduced the amount of brake pad wear by more than 30% in some cases.”

The new range of copper-free pads offer business growth opportunities for distributors, garages and factors by providing an, OE-quality range of environmentally friendly braking products.

“At Delphi, our brake pads not only have to match the OE equivalent product in terms of performance and noise, but also in terms of pack content,” says Smith. “This gives our customers peace-of-mind knowing that Delphi brake pads have the same high quality as from the vehicle manufacturer.”

With more than 20 unique friction formulas, and an underlayer that is OE matching and present on 100% of the range, Delphi copper-free pads also offer excellent noise control and heat dissipation.

“Making money on pad changes means fast fitting to OE standards,” concludes Smith. “If the customer returns with squeaky brakes, all of the profit and more is lost. Delphi pads contain chamfers, shims and slots to original vehicle manufacturers’ specifications, helping to ensure every job is right first time.”

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