Cabin Air Filters

Cabin Air Filters

With the improved FreciousPlus 2, MANN-FILTER believes it is setting new standards in cabin air filtration.

According to the manufacturer, the new filter impresses not only by separating ultra-fine particles, but also by binding other harmful gases from outside and within the vehicle. The new filter continues to provide protection against allergens, bacteria, and mould.

The FreciousPlus 2 is said to be characterised by its comprehensive performance range throughout the entire maintenance interval. It additionally features ultra-fine nanofibers, which are around 100 times thinner than the fibers of conventional filter fleeces. Like a spider’s web, these fibers cover the underlying filtration layers consisting of coarser fibers, allowing them to trap ultra-fine particles. This results in significantly enhanced performance of the new filters compared to the previous filter model.

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