BTN Turbo – Replacement petrol engine turbos

BTN Turbo – Replacement petrol engine turbos

BTN Turbo is now offering five new OEM turbos for popular petrol engined models just coming out of their warranty period.

The part numbers cover turbos for the BMW 1 Series 1.6, Citroen DS3 and Peugeot 207 1.6, Audi/VW/Seat 1.4 TSi, VW and Seat 1.4, and Ford Ecoboost 1.6.

As with all turbos supplied by BTN Turbo, the replacement units are 100% OE, to precisely match the original performance characteristics and work seamlessly with the vehicle’s ECU.

All the turbos include a 2 year warranty and BTN’s famous FitKit containing an oil-filled pre-priming syringe for vital extra protection.

BTN Turbo, with 18,000 units in stock, is Britain’s largest independent turbo distributor, supplying all the major turbocharger brands.

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