Yuasa highlights the importance of like-for-like replacement of OE motorcycle batteries

Yuasa highlights the importance of like-for-like replacement of OE motorcycle batteries

Yuasa, a world leading battery manufacturer and OEM for over 90% of motorcycle manufacturers worldwide, is highlighting the pitfalls bikers may face when replacing their bike’s original battery.

It is hard to say what the typical life of a motorcycle battery should be, but usually, as long as they are looked after, they can provide several years of reliable service. When the time comes to replace the OE battery it is important for all riders to consider if the new product they are fitting is of the same technology, quality and specification as the OE original.

Ian Newham, Training Manager at Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd. explains “A lot of people wrongly assume that the voltage and amp rating are the only factors to consider. This is not the case, design and construction technologies, weight and also maintenance requirements of the battery are just as important. If a sub-standard replacement battery is fitted to a bike and poorly maintained when not in use, problems such as non-start situations and short service life will occur.

“The results of not fitting a like-for-like replacement can be even more serious. For example, GS Yuasa’s YTZ batteries have a completely sealed design developed to allow multi-angle fitment. By replacing the original equipment YTZ with a lower quality non GS Yuasa version there is an increased risk of electrolyte leakage, which can result in serious damage to the bike. This is a very real issue for bikers and we hear of many cases like it each year.” 

There are around one million taxed motorcycles in the UK, and with various battery models and price ranges available it can be difficult for some riders to understand the differences between products. Yuasa suggest consulting the bike’s owner’s manual or using a battery lookup, such as their online battery finder at www.yuasa.co.uk, to ensure that the correct replacement battery is sourced before purchase.

In addition to like-for-like replacement, there are also upgrade options available for certain bikes. Yuasa have recently introduced the YT19BL-BS absorbed glass mat (AGM) battery specifically designed to replace the conventional vented lead-acid batteries that come as original equipment on BMW motorcycles. The AGM technology with a lead calcium design, used in the YT19BL-BS eliminates water loss and reduces self-discharge meaning the battery holds its charge more than three times longer than the OE original.

Before installing an upgraded battery, fitment and compatibility must be checked. Again, battery lookups such as Yuasa’s online battery finder allow consumers to easily search for motorcycle batteries and should provide all compatible options.

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