VIEROL updates EXPERT-KITS+ catalogue

VIEROL updates EXPERT-KITS+ catalogue

VIEROL has announced the publication of its updated EXPERT-KITS+ catalogue, which showcases complete repair solutions, by product category.

In addition to transmission filter kits, the EXPERT-KITS+ range also features timing chain sets, PDC sensor and EGR kits, as well as filter and clutch sets. Each page of the catalogue includes an additional QR code, with a link to the full range of EXPERT-KITS+ in the same product category. More than 4,000 EXPERT-KITS+ recommendations complement the range of brands VAICO, VEMO and ACKOJA.

With EXPERT-KITS+, VIEROL provides repair solutions that have been put together by experts, that aim to make it easier for garages to identify and procure parts and that also conserve storage resources. The components in the Expert-Kit+ have been coordinated, so there is no need to search for the accessory parts required for the repair process.

The EXPERT-KITS+ have been designed with a practical focus, following strict quality controls and a range that has been adapted to customer needs. In the ACADEMY, the VIEROL training and presentation centre, the parts specialists also work in partnership with garages and practitioners to develop tailor-made complete solutions.

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