Is Video App Technology the Future for Garages?

Is Video App Technology the Future for Garages?

View My Auto: the app for garages that helps to get unexpected work signed off quickly and efficiently.

Keeping a car maintained is essential, but finding unexpected problems can be both negative for the garage and the consumer. The car owner is often difficult to get hold of, resulting in wasted time, and cars tie up valuable workspace.

In a recent survey of 1,000 garage users, conducted by, 74% of respondents stated that either hidden costs or being oversold are what concerns them most when booking their car into a garage.

To help combat this mistrust, is offering an affordable app based solution View My Auto where garages can:

  • Send the vehicle owner a short video highlighting the issue with the car
  • Couple the video with a voice explanation from the mechanic
  • Provide a price for each job along with accept/reject button
  • Send these details to the customer via SMS or email

The customer can view the video, listen to the explanation, view the price for each recommendation and opt to authorise or reject each job through the push of a button.

This innovative, convenient and affordable solution offers transparency and credibility helping to increase customer trust, and obtains faster authorisation.  Priced from only £50/ month  View My Auto is accessible to the smaller franchise and the independent garage.

The car owner does not need to have a specific app on their phone to receive the information and make a work authorisation, just access to the internet. They are sent a link via email or SMS and then the video is shown to the customer on a personalised landing page, which includes the garbookmygarage2age logo, a brief description and contact information; making it straightforward for the car owner to talk over the work with the garage if required.

According to the same survey, one in five garage customers said that the quick diagnosis of their car’s problem and knowledgeable help was their primary motivation for choosing a garage.

Karen Rothberg, spokesperson for said that: “Our recent survey shows that there is still a long way to go to build trust between garages and the car owners who use their services.

View My Auto is a solution that not only encourages greater transparency for garages, so they can actually show customers the issues rather than the difficulty of getting hold of the customer and then endeavouring to explain the problem. The customer feels more at easy and can show the video to a partner  or decision maker before authorising any repairs.  This not only increases customer trust and goodwill but gives them a greater sense of involvement and control.”

Consumer research, showed that motorists who had been sent videos by garages pointing out work required, but not giving a price to do the job caused concern and worry over how much it would cost.

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