TRW’s ‘Video Corner’ hits small screen

TRW’s ‘Video Corner’ hits small screen

TRW Automotive Aftermarket has produced a series of videos to support its current ‘Corner Module’ campaign.

The term, Corner Module, describes how TRW’s core competencies of original equipment (OE) braking, steering & suspension (S&S) parts and systems are situated in every corner of the vehicle.

With an S&S bias, the short videos examine every aspect of TRW’s safety critical components; from the basics of what makes up the Corner Module portfolio through to an insight into the privileged position that the business occupies by having parent company, TRW Automotive, develop and manufacture the original equipment technologies and systems positioned behind the parts.

The first video in the series, offering an introduction to the ‘Corner Module’ concept from TRW, can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

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