Top Product Awards 2013 – Literature & Garage Aids

Top Product Awards 2013 – Literature & Garage Aids

BTN Turbo – Turbo Technical Wall Chart

Titled ‘Everything You Need To Know About Turbochargers’, this garage wall chart lives up to its billing by offering technicians a comprehensive overview of turbocharger technology. The fold-out offering tackles subjects, such as turbocharger functionality, the difference in turbo types and profit opportunities for the workshop when dealing with these components.

Additionally, a full fault diagnosis and fitting guide are also included to offer technicians a quick reference point.


ContiTech – Technical Info Booklet

This excellent 64 page guide features a feast of information for users to digest and make use of. The main focus of the booklet concentrates on helping technicians to spot and overcome common fitting and replacement errors as well as providing a selection of full, step-by-step guides to guide you through model specific fitment tasks.

Furthermore, a vast number of makes/models are referenced throughout and ContiTech’s own replacement kits and products can easily be identified alongside each of the cited examples to assist repairers further with sourcing the correct components.

Ring Automotive – Autobulb Catalogue

With the proliferation of lighting applications continuing at a pace, this technical catalogue provides all the automotive bulb practical specifications that a technician needs.

Grouped together by type, and colour-coded, the items listed in the catalogue also include an image of the bulb, the ECE regulation diagram and the cap type diagram. All types of bulbs needed throughout a vehicle are catered for, including references for exterior, panel and interior blubs, while the Asian car parc across Europe is covered with the inclusion of bulbs for Japanese and Korean vehicles.

Gates – Troubleshooting Brochure

We know PMM readers love their technical information, and Gates really satisfied this appetite by releasing a terrific technical and troubleshooting guide for garage technicians earlier in the year.

Drawing on the company’s OE knowledge, the brochure offers tips and tricks on how to identify the right replacement part and tools, understanding belt system failures, diagnosis and inspection advice and a whole plethora of technical bulletins and fitting instructions.

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